Friday, March 29, 2019

Maxie looks ahead

Maxie's Plan Begins to Unfold

A few salient points from Maxie Maxie Maxie's Executive Director Report:

The forthcoming Auditor's Report will represent a Qualified Opinion, ie, it will reflect uncertainties reflecting the 'deteriorating financial state of the organization'.

The best efforts of NETA, the ED, the Auditor, et al, have failed to uncover any number of significant documents, eg, documentation re unpaid salaries, those documents concerning the real estate sale in Berkeley, etc, etc, etc.

Maxie presented a motion re underwriting to the Strategic Planning Committee Tuesday last.

He is working to present proposals for the 'collapse' of Local Station Boards into the existing Community Advisory Boards and the restructuring of Community Advisory Boards as 'slotted' Boards, by which he appears to mean with positions filled by quotas along various demographic and professional lines.

The Pacifica National Board is to be restructured along lines which are both elected and 'slotted' per his criteria.

He is working to develop an annual virtual Pacifica Foundation Conference.

He is also working to put in place an interim or permanent National Election Supervisor, future elections to be paperless.

April through August will feature ~100 promos per week for Democracy Now!

All five stations now have access to Arbitron Data.

There is to be 'Must Carry' national programming in future.

Discussions are in progress for possible/probable carriage of BBC Programming.

As per the Executive Director's proposed/intended structural changes...

In Summary...

~ 'indigopirate'


  1. "those documents concerning the real estate sale in Berkeley,"

    The above statement as to documents they can't locate for the audit is most alarming. What are they hiding??????


  2. It is not clear if the new ED of Pacifica is responsible for changes [if not to WBAI in NY] then to the much improved and helpful KPFK website now. For years the same listed webmaster had no apparent interest in the LA station website and tho suggestions and complaints were made more than 1x, nothing happened there.

    Surprisingly and not knowing where or how to attribute this improvement, it was viewed and noted. Further there have actually been some programs added, times changed - so what was dull, repetitive for over 300 years, has been 'changed'... whether that will help increase audience or donors shall never be known.

    KPFK - as all Pacifica - continues to be the least transparent …or giving it's shareholders-stake-holders or donors feedback or any info whatsoever. For further info about WBAI's sibling station, commentary can be found here - FYI :

    It is always surprising that each Pacifica station pretends to be so independent and self-sufficient, until that WBAI fiasco put every station into danger/ debt/ difficulty.

    Why is that ?