Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Down and down we go...

The following submission by KPFKcommentator is in response to our blog post "Maxie Looks Ahead". It is a further indication that the current WBAI program facelift is Foundation wide and regarded with a dash of skepticism.  At WBAI, Linda Perry is earning many merits for effort, but much on-air dross remains to be shredded for good. The sad fact is, of course, that Pacifica itself continues to plunge. CA

It is not clear if the new ED of Pacifica is responsible for changes [if not to WBAI in NY] then to the much improved and helpful KPFK website now. For years the same listed webmaster had no apparent interest in the LA station website and tho suggestions and complaints were made more than 1x, nothing happened there.  

Surprisingly and not knowing where or how to attribute this improvement, it was viewed and noted. Further there have actually been some programs added, times changed - so what was dull, repetitive for over 300 years, has been 'changed'... whether that will help increase audience or donors shall never be known. 

KPFK - as all Pacifica - continues to be the least transparent …or giving it's shareholders-stake-holders or donors feedback or any info whatsoever. For further info about WBAI's sibling station, commentary can be found here - FYI 

It is always surprising that each Pacifica station pretends to be so independent and self-sufficient, until that WBAI fiasco put every station into danger/ debt/ difficulty. 

Why is that ? 


  1. My moving finger points to Pacifica's broken, corrupt National Board.

  2. The method of operation here at Pacifica is we don't have problems, only solutions. Which is to say, if we don't have a solution, we don't have a problem. What a wonderful way to exist.

  3. Glad to see a new post Chris. I was starting to get worried especially after I saw an updated bio for you on wiki. I don't hear much about Pacifica anymore. Maybe I'm not getting the press releases. Maybe I got tired of listening to long PNB meetings. The WBAI board met for the first time since June last year. Will they meet again? Who knows? Since Maxie made it clear he wants to get rid of the local boards, it may not really matter.

    1. My inertia was/is due to a combination of circumstances, including Pacifica's stagnation and my own need to take care of health issues. Then, to, there was my need to take a bit of a breather from the circular rut that maps Pacifia's course from insignificance to tangible oblivion.

      That said, I am not going away—the fat lady's song—out of tune though it is—has become somewhat catching. There also does appear to be a genuine effort afoot to make meaningful program changes—sad to say, however, far to much crap has been afforded further unmerited longevity.

      Thanks for worrying over my absence. I hope Indigopirate, Jara Handala and other informed, astute posters will continue to contribute.