Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Minimizing Maxie?

Pacifica National Board 
Strategic Planning Committee
Such As It Is, Such As It Isn't

When the CPB first came to be, Pacifica was disinclined to accept any CPB grants for fear it would be 'corrupted' and 'compromised' in its 'purity' and 'dedication to principle'. That 'purity' and 'dedication' of course did not preclude such things as its condemnation of Joan Baez for her criticizing the slaughter wrought by the government of Pol Pot or its support for the government of Grenada favored by Samori Marksman, sundry vicious left-wing regimes, etc.

Just so long as they weren't vicious right-wing regimes, you see :)

Purity and Dedication and Political Correctness, Pacifica Fashion :)

In time, however, Pacifica accepted the available funding and became dependent on it. Which posed a problem when Pacifica was so utterly incapable of accounting for its finances that it became ineligible.

Similarly, Pacifica has debated and discussed and discussed and debated the possibility of underwriting for, I suppose, shortly after the majority of literal dinosaurs were last seen in North America.

This exciting discussion continued, yesterday evening, at the Pacifica National Board's Strategic Planning Committee Meeting.

To the mind of this anarchic pirate the key revelation was the simplest: With the notable exception of Maxie Jackson and Robin Smith, the members of the board are profoundly stoopid, inarticulate, and absolutely incapable of coherent thought or, arguably, of thought in any form.

Which is a charitable characterization.

So... if for whatever perverse masochistic inclination leads you to follow these nastiest, shabbiest, and ineffectual self-proclaimed progressives, we have here, heaven help us, an audio clip.

It goes on for forever and half-past forever and a bit more than that, but one may get the gist – if there may be said to be a gist – in the first ten minutes or so.

One prays that AOC shows them mercy when the time comes. Or perhaps not.

Justice would be nice 😎

Then again, when is there ever justice?

Anywhere, other than by random chance?

Consult with your friendly neighborhood pirate and get back to me on that one, okay?

~ 'indigopirate'

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  1. What I found most amusing is that they want to "approve" or micromanage everything - which would make anything they could even agree on effectively non-functional. Also, these are people who not only cannot read and comprehend a budget or simple financial statement but, worse, they don't even try to.