Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reimers to self: "And I'm tellin' you I am not goin'!

There's not much left that's worth lending your ears to, but the motley crew of opportunists is bracing itself for the oncoming Summer of their discontent. Yes, the sob sister of sell-out, having managed to shed that "interim" tag and passed "Go," is heading East again.

She would, of course, like to land here and park her broomstick amid cheers of indebted advocates, but they are in short number and their loyalty has all the permanence of a stovetop ice cube. I predict that her tears will not work this time, nor will much of what she tells us be taken seriously—that little light of hope flickered and went out at last week's PNB meeting in Houston. 

Would you not like to be fly on the wall when she and Berthold Reimers come face to face? Depending on who is blabbing, the translucent GM has either been fired or dismissed by Ms. Reese. Some say that the terms have the same meaning, others insist that there is a difference. Not surprisingly, there is a small coterie of insiders who call for Reese to rescind her decision, R. Paul Martin claims that it is not her's to make without a supporting vote from the Local Station Board. Others back him up on that, but I have not heard anyone from that group call for her resignation. Typical of WBAI and Pacifica, it is a mess of confusion and a dichotomy of loyalties, because this is something the two factions actually agree on, and a call for Reimers to be allowed to stay does not come with a demand that the person who fired him be shown the door. Everybody involved has a dog in this race, but while their individual agendas aim at different outcomes, neither faction would be well served by Reimers' departure.

Reimers himself is, according to a FaceBook post, said to be determined not to go away. 

"There have been lots of rumors around my situation at WBAI. Let me clear the waters. I did not resign from my position nor did I intend to leave this position in the near future. I wish to continue in my position indefinitely". —Berthold Reimers, Nov. 14, 2013

By this time next week, we will undoubtedly have been told multiple versions of the outcome. 

Here's a link you might find interesting. Submitted to the BlueBoard by Brian, one of its knowledgable and reliable denizens, it tells of another abusive manager (KPFK) whose ineptitude and opportunism did not get in the way of her being richly rewarded by the Pacifica bozos (some of whom are still in place) six years ago.  

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  1. Wow! That snake at KPFK! Looks like that problem is systemic with Pacifica. Amazing how a community radio station has more nepotism than the corporate world. Looks like BAI is here to stay, with a more mediocre version of programming. Not unlike a human patient after a stroke...