Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Incomplete Pacifica Foudation agrement!

It was not too long ago that Berthold Reimers spoke proudly of the then newly redesigned WBAI website. Many of us found it unimaginative and old-fashioned, but I think most of us agreed that it was an improvement over the old design.

Someone is still adding announcements to the opening slideshow, producers are occasionally plugging their events and shows, and there is a monthly newsletter from Reimers, although it is always a week or two late. In other words, this is not a dormant site, so one wonders all the more why it is neglected in so many areas. 

The program schedule (grid) is always hopelessly outdated. Granted, there have been several impulsive time shifts in recent months, but a website can easily be kept from the office, or someone's home, or Starbucks, for that matter. So why isn't it?

The schedule has always been woefully inadequate—the design leaves little space for information, in some cases not even enough for the program title and host. There is no earthly reason for cramming an entire week onto a single page—it costs no more to have a page for each day, one that leaves ample room for details, even the occasional photo. There is also no reason why individual producers could not come up with a timely blurb. That should be required of them—WBAI should not be random radio.

And the wonder where the audience went.

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