Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Everything old is new

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Notice that she still signs herself as "interim," it is something this nefarious script calls for.

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  1. Wow, is all I can say. Obviously she didn't have enough pull to out Reimers. I wonder if another faction beat her or if Pacifica does not have enough money to litigate. Talk about falling on your own sword of political correctness! Hennelly and Haskins is a better show than at first glance, but sounds and comes across corny as hell. Hennelly shows his experience during the interview of a candidate for the NYC council speaker candidate. Looks like BAI has survived. It seems that someone at BAI (Reimers?) came up with a strategy to convince Pacifica that BAI can raise more money than a lease agreement would provide them with. I am thinking that Pacifica and its proxy, the Democracy now are viewing BAI listeners as a cash cow to maintain its cash flow. For the BAI listener it is as bad if not worse than the corporate bias of the Clearwater Broadcasting. Null finally came out and said that the Pacifica foundation has its own political ideology and discriminates in its appointments to run its radio stations on this basis. That is truly sad, though consistent with the element of propagandizing heard on BAI.