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Let's Call the Whole Thing Off.

From the current edition of Ken Mills' Spark News.



A friend in need is a friend indeed, sums up the radio marriage between Leonard Lapote and WBAI. Lapote has been looking for a way to get back on New York radio since being turfed and escorted to the door at WNYC in December 2017 amid allegations of inappropriate conduct (which he denies). WBAI wants to change the subject from its questionable management and financial irresponsibility.

According to the Facebook page WNYC: Bring Back Leonard Lopate, Lopate will begin a new Monday – Friday talk and interview show on WBAI on Monday, July 16thLeonard Lopate at Large will be airing daily from 1:00pm – 2:00pm. The show will also be available as a podcast.

Lopate is a bankable host with over 40 years on New York radio, particularly at WNYC AM/FM where he became a city legend. He has won numerous awards for his interviews of philosophers, scientists, artists, journalists, economists, farmers, musicians, historians, authors and politicians.

The new gig brings Lopate back to WBAI, the station where he began his radio career in 1977. Lapote says his first guest on the July 16th will be New York Times veteran journalist Clyde Haberman.

KEN SAYS: Both Lapote and WBAI should benefit from this arrangement. However, it is important to keep Lapote’s move in context.

WBAI is hoping that WNYC listeners will hold their noses about Lapote’s alleged misbehavior and flock to 99.5 FM.  Of course there will be curiosity when Leonard Lopate at Large debuts. But WBAI is no WNYC.

According to Nielsen Audio, WNYC-FM had 942,500 estimated weekly listeners in May 2018, the largest noncommercial radio audience in America. WBAI hasn’t subscribed to the Nielsen ratings for years but is thought to have fewer than 20,000 weekly listeners.

At WNYC, Lopate had the benefit of being part of schedule of very popular programs. A lot of people heard him simply because he was on WNYC.

At WBAI Lapote’s lead-in will be The Gary Null Show, a conspiracy-theory daily rant by a pill and potion pusher. In addition to his questionable ethics, Null’s show sounds awful. So Lapote will need to build an actual audience on his own.
NOTE the description of Gary Null —Chris 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Off course? Of course!

Pacifica National Board
5 July 2018

This audio is divided into three sections:

Section One, From 0:00>7:18, Covers the iED’s Report

The iED appears to be making real progress with respect to the consolidation of vital housekeeping functions.

There is no indication as to any attempt to deal with programming, lack of listenership. or the accompanying financial crisis.

Section Two, From 7:18>28:19, Covers Debate Re Elections

In the course of this discussion/debate, at ~17:37, reference is made to some forthcoming donations: ‘some very large bequests have come in to us’.

This discussion/debate quickly becomes acrimonious, perhaps suggesting that a thin veneer of civility as to formalities lies over those longstanding disagreements, factionalization, and other divisions that have long characterized and defined Pacifica, leading to the present impasse and the present situation.

Section Three, From 28:19>33:44, Anita Sims of NETA

Ms Sims provides an overview of NETA and the planned approach to putting Pacifica’s troubled finances in order.
iED Livingston Report, Summary Points

New transmitter for WBAI installed.

New transmitter for WPFW installed

75% of Pacifica employees have completed sexual harassment training

New employee handbook has been completed

New accounting organization, NETA, has been retained
Reduces costs by about 50%

On 5 June notified by US Dept. of Labor of investigation into Pacifica’s pension funds
Legal representation has been retained
Extensive request for documentation
Third-party administrator must be hired

Two applications for National Election Supervisor received to date

Executive Director Search hopefully nearing completion
26 Candidates
Initial Review of 15 candidates completed
Video Interviews of 8 candidates next step
Final Interview of 3 candidates will be following step
Final Decision possible as soon as early August
Livingston judges candidate pool to be a strong one

Livingston hopes to complete assignment by end of August, or at latest by end of September

The IndigoPirate’s Closing Thoughts

In all, after a little over five months in the position, iED Livingston seems to have done a fine job with respect to making progress with respect to the extremely serious housekeeping issues Pacifica faced at the time of his taking position.

With respect to fundamentals, there is as yet no sign of progress, nor of approaching the fundamentals at all, other than some discussion as to their existence and unfocused revery and speculation as to ‘what might be done’.

These discussions, vaguely philosophical in encounter group fashion have to date shown no sign of development, evolution, or focus, remaining free form and free floating.

It’s difficult for an arrogant humble pirate, his feet planted firmly in midair somewhere above the roiling waves, to see anything of consequence or of substance coming from any of this free form flummery.

Perhaps it portends a miracle.

I have no idea.

Though this seems to me unlikely.

This bunch, this little gaggle of variegated left/leftist/‘progressives’ appears, still, to have no interest in radio, nor media, nor of art, nor of music, nor of education, nor of anything other than their own sad, solitary, onanistic endeavors and pursuits.

Perhaps critically, in a sense, not a one of them appears capable of accepting the authority of anyone, ever, each seeing her or himself as an independent sovereignty.

Such sovereignties founder and sink.

Though the heavens only know, given their inheritance, they’ve been able to sail on for one fuck of a long time.

A tedious and a tiresome voyage, with no listeners, no watchers, raising the ol’ ‘If a tree falls…’ truism.

Care to stay and watch?

Or are there other, better things to do with one’s time on planet?

I like these easy questions :)
Here is the full meeting: