Thursday, October 30, 2014

As your station continues to be vandalized...

I think it's pretty clear to all but the comatose that the  overwhelming majority of people who manage or work at WBAI are clueless when it comes to the original concept as envisioned by Lew Hill and the co-founders of Pacifica. In fact, the current "majority" serving on the national board appear to be equally ignorant, perhaps by design. 

The next time you hear someone incorporate into a money pitch the principles upon which Lew Hill founded Pacifica and claim that the station adheres to them, think about it. Listen to high-priced phony "cures" being foisted upon people whose senses have been impaired by their failing health; listen to Geoff Brady present demented fantasies as truth; listen to the inane pop music and insignificant chatter that takes up much of WBAI's weekend schedule; listen to the twisted propaganda with which WBAI has been painted street black; listen as the station's dysfunctional "family" turns a once proud, intellectually stimulating radio station into a shameful platform for themselves and their petty businesses. They want you to give them your money and in return, they give you the finger.

To help you think about it, here is a downloadable PDF file of The Theory of Listener-Sponsored Radio, written by Mr. Hill in 1951.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Fund Drive: The story, so far... $256,560 + 42 "Buddy" sales

The down arrow is merely a prediction...these are the realities (click on any image to enlarge it):

October 29th figures indicate a growing fear of Null's Solar-generated apocalypse.

Tuesday, Oct. 28 sees another dip; the drive is now $150,690 away from the goal, with less than a week to go. Bear in mind item #5 of the motion passed by the Pacifica NFC this week: 5) that the PNB direct WBAI Management to extend any and all fund drives until they have met their budgeted goals, and to increase fund drivegoals accordingly if WBAI falls short of budget in other revenue sources;

The results for Monday, Oct. 27, brings the total up to $238,130—which is $157,870 short of the amount projected for this day. 

Not a great week's end on the radio translates into dark clouds over tallyland. As I figure it, the drive has to raise $23,643 a day in order to reach the set goal by November 6. Do you see an extension on the horizon, or another false statement coming from under Berthold Reimer's desk?

On the 17th day, the pledge total finally reached the daily goal, with a slight dip on the 18th, but it still doesn't look good. The total should now be $324,000, but it is $123,066 behind. Gary Null's survival packages did exceedingly well on the 23rd, so I guess WBAI's fear mongering is effective!

Racism and other hate, as spewed by Prescod, did well; as did Dr. Ali, more honorably, and Building Bridges' Mimi sold 27 "history packs" at $125 each.

The wind of funds still appears to be favorable—at least, this week's gust has not died down—but the old mill is still not making the assigned goal. This time it is Dr. Ali who gives the boost, assisted by Null's Healthy Woman. Juliana and IfĂ©... well? If we go by Reimers' anticipated daily figure of $18,000, the total pledged as of Oct. 21 ought to have been $288,00, so it is short by $125,315. In the meantime, new bills are added to piles of overdue ones. Do the math.

A sorely needed boost, at last, but the Oct 20 total is still below the set goal. 

And so the plunge continues with the October 19 and 20 results. The drive is now $119,235 behind the goal Berthed Reimers announced. For all the artificial excitement Dalton Anderson generated, his flock seems to have different plans for their money. There wasn't a lot of sugar in the bowl this week but Max came through and Chris Whent did better than anyone. It's time to go back to the old drawing board.

The October 16 and 17 figures do not bode well. What will Reimers come up with now? That infamous water?
Figures slightly more favorable now, but still below announced daily goals. Did anyone catch the Monday, 10-13 tally sheet entry for Gary Null's 1PM slot? Check it out and tell the rest of us what you think it means. Just heard Janet Coleman, who teeters on the border of reality and WBAI-think. She is pitching Dr. Ali's various discs, "Reversing Diabetes," "Reversing Kidney Failure," etc. It made me wonder of the doctors couldn't come up with a disc to distribute free to WBAI's "management": "Reversing stupidity." 

The figures for Sunday, Oct. 12 are interesting. Are we to believe that Prescod's Ebola show only raised $50? That mean $25 to the medical charity. Simon Loekle and Ivan's opera program did very well, as did Max Schmed. Null's grapes were apparently not the right stuff, and nobody was interested in Daulton Anderson's grab bag.

The Saturday, Oct. 11 figures show $1,495.00 as collected for "Ebola charities." These are cash payments made directly to WBAI, not pledges. There are no premiums offered and no installments on credit cards. The question is whether this amount has enriched WBAI by $747.50 and, of course, whether the other half will actually go to the Ebola charity. 

Note that the October 9 figures show Margaret Prescod as having raised $6,315. There is no indication that 50% of that amount went to help in the current ebola situation, which was a major point made by her in her hysterical pitch. Berthold Reimers clearly owes the pledgers an explanation and breakdown while some believe this departure was actually law-breaking (see here).

This morning. WBAI's iPD, Mario Murillo, made no mention of the odd turn taken by Prescod (who screams at us from KPFK), but he did express his disappointment in the daily totals, which fall short of the $18,000 per day goal.

A further update:

This evening (Oct. 11), WBAI rebroadcast Prescod's program from Thursday, the 9th. It was to have been a WBAI fundraising hour, but she went right into the ebola situation, with audio clips that blamed the death of Thomas Duncan, two days earlier) on his being black. She, herself, did not say that, but neither did she contest it. The program was, of course outdated, but I believe this might have been the first of the charity switches, because she launches right into the ebola disaster and having been given the go-ahead by management and higher ups to skip the "thank-you gifts" and donate 50% of the money she raises to a charity that helps equip ebola medical crews.

Noble as that sounds, this could be read as WBAI raising money for a worthier charity and taking half of it for its own use. Would it not have been more in keeping with Pacifica's original intent to simply have a separate fundraiser for the ebola crisis? Prescod has laced her frantic pleas with a racist political thread and, even if money will actually be passed on to the ebola fighters, is this foaming-at-the-mouth woman not guilty of blatant opportunism?

Something dark happening...

When Geoff Brady feels something dark happening, he's not talking about the "community"......

Pacifica NFC motion re WBAI's budget...

Item 5 could well be the seed that blossoms into the new, all infomercial radio station. It's almost there now. According to Brian Shiratsuki, who is well versed in such matters, "all the LSBs are supposed to receive adequate, timely financial information, sufficient for their quarterly report to the board. this is duty number 1, or literally, letter A. repeated failure of the GM to provide such information ought to suffice for non-renewal of the employment agreement."

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Tally figures for October 29 are $6,750 below the daily goal, the bills continue to pile up and you can almost hear Reimers stretching yet another fun drive. We now know that the Pacifica Finance Committee wants these drives to run until their goals is reached. That's how it was in the beginning, some fifty years ago, but the station's welfare was the premium and—since everybody wanted that—goals were quickly obtained. We also laid all the facts on the table, unlike today, when related expenses, disbursements, etc. are kept from the paying public. Published figures are thus fairly meaningless. There ought to be a demand for detailed accounting.