Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Are the wheels grinding?

KPFA had an LSB Meeting 17 March, most of which was concerned with lengthy discussion of their voting snarls, entanglements, and disputes, but which also included such items as their financials and some related wider-scale financial observations.

I’ve excerpted only items of possible general interest as to finances, as seen from their local perspective.

‘We have not been doing them on time since… I think 2012/2013… I think the reasons change… They lost Efron in the National Office, who was a wiz, and I don’t know that they have somebody who’s as capable right now… BAI uses Quickbooks… it’s really crazy…. also, their software… it becomes very difficult to produce what should be a simple thing….’

No shocking news here, though the reference to the current CFO struck me as of some interest.

So, then, as the rumors of a Grand Solution Negotiation are afloat somewhere in the √¶ther, these are the most recent tidbits to come my weary way…

~ ‘indigo’

Monday, March 19, 2018

Waiting for that other shoe...

Ken Mills, a springboard for noncommercial media happenings, is still out there, following the Pacifica drama from his aisle seat. Here's something his many readers received today. 

Well, you don't say!

Our Lips Are Sealed…

‘It’s all been behind closed doors…’

‘I cannot talk about that.’

‘It’s confidential matters right now… bear with us for another week… I cannot talk about that… we have met in a closed session… confidential matters… hopefully it will come to an end in a week or so… we don’t want anything to get derailed…

‘Once we have a solution… we have reached a conclusion… it will be announced to all members of Pacifica….’

‘We are trying to save Pacifica from being ruined…  we have legal issues on hand… we have financial issues on hand… it’s all confidential….’

~ ‘indigopirate’

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Pennies in hell...

It's a lengthy one, but has some interesting information, including more rather damning stuff about Berthold Reimers' outrageous ineptitude.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Did you know?

Geoff Brady's live "special" on the climate crisis, as he imagines it, made me think of the tons of lies WBAI not only heaps upon its dwindling listenership, but expects them to pay exorbitantly for. I'm sure most of you don't need to be told about WBAI's unconscionable lack of honesty, but just in case...