Friday, November 15, 2013

If the key fits....

It may be but a rumor, but the word going around on the BlueBoard is that an order to change all the locks has been issued. This, according to the rumor, is to take place tonight or tomorrow. It may not be true, but it would not be the first time such an order has gone out. This is, after all WBAI, a Pacifica station, and it is crawling with confused loonies who now feel threatened by the cirkus they themselves helped to create.

Anyway, Summer's-a-comin'—presumably tonight—and she has promised "a smooth transition." The question what???   Stay tuned.

It is Saturday morning and all is as well as it was Friday night, according to frantic Frank, the self-appointed spokesman for the LSB (and, indeed, WBAI). However, that corner must be getting tight, because his pixels on the BlueBoard are soaked in wishful thinking, and make even less sense than usual as he posts such lines as:
 "She told me she is on her way to NYC and wants to meet with the LSB."
That's hardly unexpected news. Neither is this, from his latest posting marathon:  
"Summer will be arriving tomorrow and I believe she will be meeting with Berthold."
If he is not sure that Reese will meet with Reimers, how can he claim with certainty that Reese has not fired Reimers? Answer: Wishful thinking.

I guess we will know more by day's end. Jim Dingeman seems less desperate, but one does sense a slight quiver in his posts.

"Cannibal," one of the BB's intelligent regulars suggests that the time has come to suspend the New York LSB. "Cog Dis," a poster whose ambivalence must try his nerves, thinks a suspension would be folly, because the LSB "don't DO anything." I believe both have got it right.

Finally, LeFever states that there are "no locks to be changed," but adds:
"...some locks or intercoms or something may be added because of some tense moments with two "overexcited" visitors recently."

I think you get the picture: Years of misguidance and self-serving gimme-ism has caught up with the opportunists, the bobbleheads, and con artists, taking WBAI way beyond the point where smooth-talking quacks like Gary Null and fumbling, attention-seeking dabblers like Frank LeFever can apply the brakes.

Keep tuned in as the situation unravels. 

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