Monday, November 18, 2013

From P.O.W.W.'s Facebook site...

Did you know that there are disgruntled workers at WBAI? Shocking, isn't it? Well they also have their own spot on Facebook. Here's something that popped up there today, November 18, just as Reimers shills like Frank LeFever are straining their little brains to come up with believable info to the contrary:

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Stranger than fiction: read this group letter to Summer.


  1. Money, money... of the people who can't afford the premiums... BAI money... going to waste... but Reimers needs to make his mortgage payments... BAI must be a cash cow for him to want to stick to it... Maybe someone beyond the FCC should be looking at BAI... say IRS! How does misuse of the public funds sound?

  2. For my latest comment on WBAI, see the latest post (#100) in my blog, No Place for Normal: New York. I know nothing of the inner workings there, only that they're still desperate and that I find less and less of interest in their ever changing programs. I'm not totally alienated yet, just very worried.

  3. Cliff,

    Seen your blog. Interesting pic (Pride'06). Thom Hartmann runs an editorializing talk show, like Rush Limbaugh, but with opposing politics. We all know corruption of the Right. BAI is the test-tube example of the corruption of the Left/Progressive, and it is imploding. I wouldn't worry too much about it, though. There is always the NPR. It relaxes me better whereas BAI been irritating me more and more. For sheer political journalism and interviewing, I really enjoy Ian masters and catch his shows on his website via the Internet. If you yearn for more of the BAI style advocacy, you can catch the commentators on line via Progressive Radio Network. I understand that Gary Null started it, and if he did, he deserves good credit where credit is due. If the NPR is too alien for you, keep in mind that BAI is no longer the entity that you have known in the 1960's and 1970's.

    Stay well!