Saturday, November 2, 2013

Reimers: WBAI exceeds its obligations....

Berthold Reimers has a way with words: He skips the unpleasant ones. Yesterday, November 1, 2013, the fundraising marathon was officially over (believe that, or NOT), so he posted to the WBAI StaffAnnounce list a summation, of sorts. On the surface, it looks okay, but some of us would like to see more  realistic figures. When this summary appeared on the BlueBoard, I posed a few rwasonable questions:

How much has this cost the station in respect, integrity, etc.?
How much has been spent on premiums, phone call center, shipping, etc. 
Why is the severance obligation not included?
In other words...WHAT IS THE REAL INTAKE??? 

That prompted a response from Jim Dingeman, a man whose loyalty is torn between WBAI and whoever is its present GM—they ought to be one and the same, but...

This was Dingeman's response to me: "again, what is really going on bears little to no relationship to what you have said." "Again" is appropriate here, because the you-don't-know-nothin' response is what Reimer's cronies always say when they find themselves in a corner.

Here is Reimers' summary. As you will see in her response, the elusive GM's warped priorities did not escape "laid off" WBAI news reporter, Rebecca Myles. 

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