Monday, November 25, 2013

A worthy cause...

If you feel that WBAI has given shabby treatment to its only true on-air icon, here's your opportunity to shame them. When Radio Unnameable, the documentary was released, it gave the station more positive publicity than it had received in decades. When it was suggested to him, the current GM, Berthold Reimers, refused to consider the station reimbursing the gas and toll money Bob Fass spends to do the program live (and gratis) each week. However, when it became clear that the film documentary was well received by the press and public, the same Mr. Reimers asked how WBAI might capitalize on it.

Now, Bob is facing medical problems that have prevented him from making the trip to the studio. Sad to say, I don't think he has received as much as a get well card from Reimers, but—thanks to an initiative taken by his niece—here is a way in which you can show your appreciation for the many years Bob has given to the station. It is a far worthier cause than the wreck of WBAI and the vanity of those who slither within. Don't give them a penny more, just show them the door.


  1. Fass should certainly be honored and respected for his contributions and for his role in shaping contemporary culture. I'd hope to see WBAI promote the existence of the Give Forward site and encourage donations. At present, I'm sorry to say, they're rather anemic.

    ~ Indigo, Pirate

  2. They wouldn't raise money for a competing cause.

  3. Hmmm - give my money here or to BAI so I can get the latest updates on the angels and spirits - hmmm?