Monday, March 31, 2014

Just when you think WBAI can take a breath...

Jim Dingeman just posted this to Nalini's list. If true, one has to wonder why nothing was said about this when Berthold Reimers made his unfortunate appearance on a Sunday morning show. He lives in his own world, where everything is always "swell" ... and so forth and so on.

Others better informed can perhaps lay out better information but I have a serious feeling that we have a immediate problem in the next two weeks here in NYC.

It seems a lot of money was paid out to handle the severance pay which had to be paid. As I understand it part of the money to cover the operating costs for April were to come from Pacifica..this amounts to tens of thousands of dollars since we are in between drives. There are literally hundreds of calls and other work that has to be completed in the pushing up of fulfillment rates for this drive.

But, we also have past bills due..This includes a deadline by mid April to pay past transmitter costs to ESB.

It seems to me that these kinds of fiscal issues were know to the PNB before the firing of Summer. This means that we are now in a IMMEDIATE crisis because the transmitter rent is behind due to the severance.

My recommendation is that if this is accurate we go next week to a IMMEDIATE transmitter fund mode from the listeners. All this fiscally needs to be explained and laid out to the listeners on air ASAP.

This assumes that I have my financial facts accurate..if they are inaccurate please correct me.

But this places the tumult of recent weeks in a different dimension..more menacing if this scenario is true.

Jim Dingeman
Chair, WBAI Community Advisory Board


  1. Oh dear, more fundraising at BAI!
    Are they retards at BAI and Pacifica? Why had they never attempted to secure any grants and underwriting as the operating costs were going up?

  2. Yes! A fund drive! That will solve everything!

  3. Hmm...Maybe I should listen to BAI just to see whether they become the first station that does nothing but fund drives. That actually would be an achievement.