Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bernard White responds to The Villager article...

Paul DiLorenzo's piece in The Villager has prompted a response from former WBAI PD, current LSB member, Bernard White, which you can access here.


  1. Bernard White claims that DeRienzo's faction has been in control of the BAI for the past five years. To the best of my knowledge, and looking at the LSB meetings on U-tube, Justice and Unity has been in effect at BAI for the past five years. By all appearances, Paul De Rienzo was NOT a part of JUC, but I thought that Bernard White was. So, is Bernard White lying?

    1. BB, as you may know, there are some who comment on this blog who are convinced that you and Paul DeRienzo are one and the same. Can you post something to either confirm or shatter that notion? It would make life a lot easier for me :)

  2. Hmmmm,

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