Monday, March 17, 2014

In case anyone is interested in viewing the FCC License Renewal Form (FCC 303-S) filed for WBAI by Pacifica, this year, here it is. I sincerely doubt that it is above board. There are no Exhibits listed, but that somehow seems to be at odds with what I have heard them do on the air and what we know of the governance procedures that eliminated this form's signatory, Summer Reese.


  1. That's the shortest licence renewal application I've ever seen. If the FCC feels like determining whether or not WBAI has been 'serving' the community, they must just lose their licence before June.

    1. *might just lose their licence before June

  2. By the way, Summer Reese was just fired by the Pacifica national board. (Source:

  3. It looks like other stations on the same schedule as WBAI have received license renewals. In theory, if WBAI's license was renewed without issue, they would have heard about it. Or, at least, the FCC's database would show it. Any idea about the status? Who is overseeing this? Does anyone have a copy of Daniel Miller's informal complaint?