Monday, March 17, 2014

Is the on and off relationship now going off?

Just like some of Pacifica's insiders, Gary Null is holding back secrets that cannot be revealed by him as yet. Who knows what he sees in that crystal ball, but, to hear him hint at it, it's another whack at the Pacifica beehive. Today, on his show, he warned his millions of worldwide listeners (his estimate) that one station would not have Null to kick around anymore—he already turned down a KPFK bid for his return to their air, and BAI's leftover listeners are so few that they don't even show up on his radar....err...crystal ball.

Here's something he said today, with barely a grunt from Michael Haskins...


  1. Gary Null feels self-righteous because when he huffs and he puffs, it's not because of poor diet or lack of exercise. It's because he feels he simply must blow the house down--at the appropriate time, of course!

  2. Perhaps he can issue some sanctions against BAI :)

  3. (JustAListener, I posted a couple of anons below too)
    Sounds like the usual Null threat.
    Null sees JUC taking over and JUC is his enemy that kicked him off WBAI during Bernard's regime.
    So Null's banging his shoe again threatening to bury Pacifica with his secret plan.
    Well the old weapon, PRN , hasn't exactly tilted the planet so I guess he can just starve Pacifica of his fundraising (which costs him too as (I'm willing to bet) he makes money off the premiums) but if 'BAI is sold for millions JUC can tell him to f-off.

    1. Good to see you here, JaL. I think it is very foolish of Null to act so impulsively on the air and be so wishy-washy. As you suggest, he is not raising money for WBAI as much as he is trying to preserve a marketing outlet and a source for free advertising. If he really had the millions of followers he boasts of and if his products really performed the claimed miracles, Null would not need a radio station that's on its last leg, a station that is so mismanaged that the only listeners left are the ones looking for anything that might keep them alive.

      Aware of the fact that most consumers of his healing concoctions soon realize that they have been had, he now turns to another kind of fear mongering. WBAI in its present form mirrors all that, but—there being good reason for genuine concern—Null's sensationalized DVDs do diddly to make things better. They make him richer and his listeners poorer. If one has a need for gloom and doom documentaries, Netflix can satisfy it, and a good farmer's market can—with prudent use—do wonders for one's health.

  4. The sad thing is that there are still some good programs on BAI but because on Nuill / Blosdale / Davis / Brady, (and unfortunately this list could be longer), and the rest of the dreck I barely listen anymore, Also the crap discredits the good stuff. I really don't care that much whether "bad" or "worse" comes out on top in this current squabble.