Monday, March 17, 2014

Interesting questions from Houston


  1. This is extremely interesting. If I was at a meeting, and someone was threatening violence. I would call the police and have them deal with our system of justice, by pressing charges. The more reckless the behavior the more complaints to police, until the dangerous and potentially violent extremist is disqualified. From what little I read about Cerene Roberts' behavior on BAI's local board, I do not like her at all.

    And then it occurred to me, this big fight between Reese and the newly elected PNB is not about whether to push Null premiums or not, it is about which faction will get the access to the money. To me, it seems that the Justice and Unity folk and whatever faction backed Summer Reese are in a bitter struggle for the access to the revenue provided by the Pacifica's listener-sponsor audience, and hence, no matter which side wins, infomercials will continue.

  2. Even a mere listener such as myself can hear the JUC drooling over the thought of the millions that could be liberated by selling a station (particularly WBAI).
    Previously they were able to divert thousands of dollars, but now there's the possibility of millions, the vultures and other scavengers are super energized.
    It will be hard to save WBAI now that it's blood is in the water.

    1. Frankly, I think this ongoing farce and misguided struggle has taken WBAI—perhaps, even Pacifica—beyond the possibility of salvation.