Tuesday, January 12, 2016

An unofficial vote count

The following was received from an anonymous source. 

According to Pacifica, all three stations made quorum. I guess they got the 85 votes they needed for listener quorum. I only see results for KPFT at this moment.

Unofficial Turnout for WBAI

The following is unofficial voter turnout for the WBAI Listener and Staff elections. Please note these totals are unofficial and as the vendor proceeds with consistency checks, fraud checks, data validation cross checks, scanning, and other finishing procedures these numbers may fluctuate slightly in either direction.

Approximated Listener Quorum: 819
535 Paper Ballots
385 Online Votes
Total Listener Votes: 920

Approximated Staff Quorum: 44
12 Paper Ballots
68 Online Votes
Total Staff Votes: 80

WBAI's LSB Treasurer had this to say on his site:
"Given that the total listener ballots exceeded the quorum by 101 ballots, and that the Staff ballots exceeded that quorum by nearly double the number of ballots that were needed, I think that WBAI will be found to have met its quorum for this election after all of the checks are done. Now we need to hope that the so-called Justice & Unity Campaign didn't do as well as they'd hoped to do. They're the bunch that wants to reinstate the Bernard White kleptocracy of the past. If they get the majority on the WBAI LSB then there is probably no hope for WBAI or Pacifica to recover from the downslide they have been on for so long."

Sidney Smith, a victim of the current mis-management and moral bankruptcy, still cares what happens to WBAI. Here's something he posted elsewhere regarding quorum celebration:

This is sad seriously sad. It's takes forever to find people that care enough to bother voting.
...and when they do They thinks it's some sort of victory.

Hello...nobody listens nobody cares anymore.

You can just lie to rob, insult folks just so much, and they'll go to WNYC WFMU plus the whole world of possibilities on the damned 'net!

Being outside of this madness for a few years now gave me a new, and saner view.

For the first 40+ years of the station's, indeed the foundation's, existence none of this complicated ugly nonsense went on.

That, and we did just fine without it.

The only way to save 'anything' is to stop the whole culture of the hyper politicization of the station that's murdered the place.

Have members of all the factions and their outside shadow supporters arrested.
I would say shot, but I'm a pacifist.

So just beat them severely about the head, and shoulders.

Then shove them into solitary for life...with very very loud NPR piped into their three foot by six foot brightly lit container.

Hire actual radio professionals to run the radio stations.

Look I know no one will read this, and almost no one cares about any of this any more...it just that this breaks my heart.

This is a nightmare that won't end.

Adding layers of political mayhem to the workings a radio station was point blank suicide.
The whole foundation especially 'Bai may vanish because of it.

It will 'all' be gone.

Not only that, but I'm certain that the factions, and disturbed individuals will continue to go tooth, and nail at each other anyway.

This is a sad sick joke.

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  1. Does it count for anything that I wore Quorum cologne today? No, huh..?

    In the end, I'm not sure what to read into the low voter turnout for Pacifica station elections. Obviously, a lack of caring about them. However, that leaves the question of why? I guess most people who contribute enough to get voting rights are really just buying a premium, ultimately, and don't care about and/or understand the elections. If that's the case, then it tells us a lot about how few listeners are of the highly politicized persuasion.