Saturday, January 9, 2016

Scam = Alternative form of education?

The WBAI website has had an overhaul that "management" is very proud of. However, under the icing is the same old cake of outdated misinformation. Forget about the schedule–it hasn't been accurate for several years, the last monthly newsletter was posted a year ago, and mission creep is all over the place.

Take, for example, Education at the Crossroads—it has been a meaningless title for years and not at all as described by host/producer Basir Mchawl:

Education at the Crossroads attempts to look at education in a broad and comprehensive fashion.

Critical education related issues manifest on an almost daily basis. Crossroads looks at many of the issues that the mainstream media fails to cover including: alternative forms of education, high stakes testing, African centered education, home schooling and community responses to continued mis-education.

While local issues are often discussed, issues of national and global importance are covered regularly. Education at the Crossroads presents a cutting edge vision of what education needs to be.

This week, Mr. Mchawl reached yet another fork in the road, and took it. It was an hour spent with a frequent guest, "world renowned numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn" As usual, there was at the end a bit of commercial business, a number where one can call for a $100 phone consultation, a website from which one may purchase books and CDs, etc.  none of which benefits WBAI.

Here, to give you the gist of this little number, is my high concentrate in the form of an edited soundbite from which I removed the commercial and to which I added a bit of music.


  1. What is Bruva Basir's real name? I mean the one on his "birff" certificate?


    1. Doing an internet search, I believe his family name is "Cole".


  2. "A sense of ending..." and Three Dog Night. That was great. Well done. I enjoyed that.

    Chris in NJ

  3. What a joke. However, this sort of stuff sells and sells big. Ever seen a well practiced "psychic" enter a crowd and take it over? Yeah, I have. She also taught me the tricks of the trade, which I have used on occasion, for fun, not profit. "Someone here... Someone has had a relative die of cancer... (look for who seems to react), etc... I also used to do tarot card readings (Never call the death card the death card. Tell them it's the transformation card, which will bring about great changes). Eh, I always liked the satanists the best because the sex was good and plentiful. They knew how to party.

    So, I guess Three Dog Night is now officially the soundtrack band for WBAI...

    But I must let the show go on...