Monday, August 10, 2015

Comment on the Proffitt dilemma

Pacifica's Executive Director, John Proffitt willingly stepped into what can arguably be described as a management nightmare. We have heard him speak to WBAI staffers with a measure of optimism and we have heard him report to the Pacifica Finance Committee with less than that. Has he spotted a ray of hope that somehow eludes us mortals?

Here are sober thoughts on the matter from 'Indigopirate'

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  1. The recording of the last PNB meeting reveals that Profitt is moving on a very basic level to educate the board on what needs to be done to stabilize the foundation: cut costs immediately, move to reinstate lost funding from CPB and others, identify new sources of income, rebuild programming and audience. The endless internecine political maneuvering, on all sides, can only interfere with this desperate struggle for survival. Let's all light a candle for John Profitt

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