Thursday, August 6, 2015

An economic update of sorts...

Over there, in the Blue Pit, inquiring minds have also wondered what became of the promised Financial Report. They asked again, and here is R. Paul Martin's reply. As predicted, its bad days at black rot—note that even a saturation of Nullies has failed to generate listener interest, or did it simply fail to bring in an audience altogeher? R. Paul wrote:

The Treasurer's Report will be out next Wednesday. They always come out the morning of the LSB meeting.

I can note that the current Summer 'thon is not doing so well. It's averaging about $8,597 per day. The last day's tally isn't in yet, but I don't see that one day making a big difference. And prepare for the PRA one day mini-thon from 5 AM to either 10 PM or midnight today.

To which a poster known for his erudition, wit and keen insight replied:


I assume you realize that next Wednesday *follows* the PNB meeting of the 11th at which WBAI's finances which were announced at the previous PNB meeting as being a principal if not indeed *the* principal subject of the PNB meeting of the 11th are to be discussed, and at which Mr. Reimers was to speak. Which is then to be followed by a special Double-Secret-Extra-Private-And-Confidential Special Session to discuss 'negotiations' with ESRT and other matters.

All this, at least according to the previous PNB Special Meeting.

A question: Are you and/or any other members of WBAI/Pacifica at all uncomfortable with the enormous debt now owed ESRT being withheld from the public under the veil of confidentiality on the basis of its being 'under negotiation'?

All this while there are various 'procedures' and 'elections' and 'open meeting' requirements – all of which appear to be fatuous and utterly meaningless formalities?

How is this in any meaningful way different from the governments and corporations that Pacifica supposedly reviles?

How is WBAI/Pacifica not in fact a sort of 12th-rate bush-league version of a governmental 'Black Budget'?

Oh... of course... WBAI/Pacifica is the Good Guys.

That's it.

Forgive me, I'm slow :(

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