Saturday, January 17, 2015

Berthold Reimers report to LSB Jan. 14, 2015


Here, recorded (and, alas, edited) by Mitchel Cohen is Reimers' General Managers Quarterly Report to the WBAI LSB, January 14, 2015.

I don't know what Mitchel redacted, but he says it was "bureaucratic wrangling," adding that some of it was "very funny." Count me among those who wish he had left it intact.

You will hear questions and suggestions raised regarding the studio facility now under amateur construction on the third floor of the Atlantic Avenue location; Reimers will speak of elusive bequeaths and tell you how great things are going ($1,457 in the bank!), he will also  say the he plans for WBAI to have its un-soundproofed studio for the next5 to 10 years, and that he has a "plan B." 

Nobody brings up the fact that embarrassing, stagnant programs are still in place or asks why so much air time continues to be wasted on mind-numbing disc jockey shows. Nobody questioned the introduction of religious programming to WBAI, or the increasing dominance of inferior black-oriented shows.

There are questions that needed to be answered by Reimers, but he apparently made a hasty departure to grab a bite to eat. I would love to hear his answer Tim (?), who brings up the highly questionable, shameful handling of anonymous allegations against Sidney Smith. Who, indeed, called the police? That's toward the end of this clip, but I have also extracted it for quick access.

Here, first, is Mitchel's recording in its entirety:.

And here, repeated from the above,  are two of the audience questions/comments raised after Reimers made his escape. The first one leads to the Sidnet Smith incident, the second is from a longtime listener/supporter who is dismayed by what she has just heard at this meeting.


  1. This is a con man.

    ~ 'indigopirate'

    1. You've got that right, Indigo, but Reimers would not be able to get away with his systematic destruction of WBAI were it not for his having support from his inner circle and that amazingly dysfunctional Pacifica National Board.

      When the chain is finally pulled, there is more to flush down than most people could imagine.

  2. He is definitely a Voodoo Priest.


  3. (JustAListener)
    Did I hear correctly that the reason the financial statements were not available on time was that the intern who knows how to use QuickBooks had to go back to school?
    And the "spreadsheet master" Reimers can't figure out how to use the Bank of America website?
    How 'bout Reimers and the intern trading jobs?

  4. The following are just notes I typed while listening to this circle jerk of jerks.

    I would have liked to hear "bureaucratic wrangling" also...

    Isn't it nice to know a GM of a radio station is relying on its listeners to die? Is that why Gary Null is on?

    Plan B = contriving a plan C...

    Linda Perry spends so much time at WBAI and is now carried on a network and getting grants? However, I haven't heard of her drawing any sort of salary. Anyone know? If she isn't getting paid for all the effort, she's a fool. Oh, wait. She always was a Wiccan fool...

    "The gospel thing close to $7,000." I wonder, of course. Anyway, salsa made more and Kenney also, probably. Hypnotism $42,000, but later quoted as making "over $45,000." It must garner interest by the minute. By now it must be over $100,000.
    Sad that hocus pocus is more popular than music. Now they just need Geoff Brady, the Crofts and a couple of UFO nuts to hold a benefit conference for WBAI. Bet that would make money. Forget having Dr. Ali do one, as he's more intelligent and
    level headed. Michio Kaku is out of the question.

    Vendors less efficient than WBAI? Why even deal with them then? I want to know whom they so I make sure to avoid them. Danger Will Robinson!

    A kitchen at the station. I wonder who will clean it. You just know many of the on-air people will use it for free meals and leave a mess behind.

    I'm confused. WBAI is paying a reduced ESB rent but there are rent negotiations going on? They are behind on the rent but are paying it? Huh?

    Committee of the whole sounds like a good title for a porno gang bang video (Committee of the Hole).

    Get Tom Hartman back? URG!

    Who made the call on Sidney Smith. Well, first question, who was at the station? "The police saw a big phallus and said it wasn't actionable." Was Smith looking at a pic of John Holmes?

    The penultimate woman and final man made more sense than anything else that evening. I like the final second of the audio were he tells them to resign and you hear a laugh. Be damned if they will resign and do something good for the station. They have their own egos to think about. Useless turd splats.

    I guess Mitchel Cohen serves one useful purpose - recording this tripe.


    1. I wonder why Kenny hasn't given the station a figure—for that kind of an affair, the exact intake should be known the following day. Somebody is holding something back.

      We heard Andrea Katz blurt out that about 300 people showed up for Anderson's gospel do. That event took place a month ago, so how long does it take to get an exact total? Why has the concert only been mentioned twice, in passing? Why are there no photos? I think it might have raised more questions than money.

      Yes, the ESB story is as full of inconsistencies as I suspect it is of invention.

      Perhaps Sidney was watching pictures from old, pre-Battista Cuba... such a collection might include a shot of "Superman," whose 18-inch appendage was a big floorshow attraction (literally) at Havana's infamous Shanghai club.

      Yes, forced resignation would be called for were it not too late. These fools have dilly-dallied the station to death.

      Whether he removed important parts of his recording, or not, Mitchel has my thanks for making this available.

  5. Is Linda Perry a fool? She married Richard Barr. You judge.


    1. OK, I plead ignorant. Who is Richard Barr?