Friday, January 9, 2015

As Null fiddles, K-K-K-Kathy looks at the Roman Empire...

Since program reform is on our mind these days and Mario Murillo is doing some shuffling and sprinkling, it wouldn't hurt to once again point out the importance of deducting as well as adding. No, I'm not talking about kicking Berthold Reimers out--that's a given. I am referring to the many truly embarrassing programs that have dominated the weekly schedule for years.

One of these is Kathy Davis' "Heart of Mind," which evidences neither, but seems locked in place. Now she has wiggled her way into another 90-minute parking space, the one once occupied by make-believe Murrow, the late Robert Knight. She sneakily got in on some "tribute" pretense, but has now hogged the time slot for more of her mindless meanderings. Here's a lengthy segment from Thursday morning's show, which I post in air check form (sans insipid music) because it simply cannot be described. It's a whopper and appropriately unhealthy.


  1. Lay off Kathy - she is causing no harm - she is a very good person who has survived the wars @ WBAI. I have known her for years - I hated Robert Knight, but she is entitled to have liked the man. Overall, she is a kind and loving woman. God Bless her!!

    1. I'm afraid I can't agree with you. Kathy does, indeed, cause harm via WBAI. Apart from the fact that her nonsensical blather insults the slightest intelligence (and thus lowers the station's claimed level of intellect), she is guilty of deceit.

      Remember the most notorious of WBAI's fundraising scams? They called it "Double Helix Water" and claimed that it could cure some of the deadliest diseases known (including cancer, leukemia,and such affliction as autism). There is good reason to believe that this "miracle" liquid was nothing more than sterilized tap water, but Kathy and her pitch partner, Tony Bates, spared no lie when they sold it over the air at an outrageous price to gullible listeners who, obviously suffered one of the named illnesses.

      Is this something a "kind and loving woman" would do? I don't think so, Ms. anonymous.

      How long you have known Kathy Davis does not alter the fact that she is a proven scam artist who for many years has been a major practitioner in WBAI's ongoing efforts to deceive its listeners.

      I suspect that you know this and that it is one reason why you hide your identity.

      Robert Knight was too self-absorbed to become a player in the most disgraceful "premium" scams, but he was a font of misinformation, often willfully crafted. Thus he treated the station's listeners with equal disrespect, so I saw him, too, in a bad light. It does not surprise me to hear anyone express a dislike for that man. I can see why Kathy would disagree with you and me there--the polluted atmosphere behind WBAI's closed doors is infectious and only the good are immune. Yes, there are good folks behind those doors, too.

  2. One thing I have noticed is that Gary Null no longer pushes his two most dangerous lies, as he did in the past:
    1) AIDS does not exist. It is the byproduct of bad nutrition and lifestyle and not the result of an infectious pathogen.
    2) The AIDS virus does not cause HIV/AIDS but is another opportunistic organism which infects the person when his immune system has already been compromised by bad diet and lifestyle.
    3) By improving your nutrition and lifestyle, you can successfully treat HIV/AIDS which does not exist in the first place.
    Mazel Tov


  3. Tried sending this posting a couple of times, but can't seem to get it through. Hope it works this time.

    This is nothing but a mish mash of decades old right wing economic conspiracy canard and New Age mystical crap. The only thing missing was a dose of Lyndon LaRouche and the Queen of England being a drug dealer. How long until the cake lady starts quoting from Gary Allen's None Dare Call It Conspiracy or Carroll Quiguley's Tragedy and Hope? I wonder if she even has any idea what she is dealing with.

    As if Davis wasn't bad enough, we then get subjected to her callers. Holy smokes! You know what's so funny? The people who call into Alex Jones are far more grounded and intelligent than these people or Brady's callers. That's pretty sad.

    Is there anything these WBAI conspiracy and New Age goofs won't believe, besides some common sense?


    1. Sorry about that, SDL, I may have missed it, but I don't see evidence of it having come through the first time. I wish I didn't have to monitor, but people try to slip all kinds of messages in.

      I'm glad you at least sampled Kathy's unbelievable (literally) crap. Common sense is curiously uncommon in her circles. I wonder about Paulette, who apparently was Robert Knight's companion and played the widow's role on that sparsely occupied departure platform. Kathy does not give her much opportunity to talk, but what she does say indicates a naïvité that even Knight might have balked at. Then again, there is his cheerleader, Pamela Somers, who is wrapped rather loosely and staunchly supports Bernie Goetz.

      The callers? Yes, they really take the cake, as it were. They are pathetic exemplars of the new and drastically shrunken audience created by the current WBAI. When will it dawn on the "management" that turning the station into a low-grade black outlet isn't working?

      Perhaps some of them will have a chance to mull that over as they become "political prisoners."

    2. My guess is the original posting got "lost" in the lines. You know those reptilian shape shifting Illuminati masonic lodge loving international banker HAARPing everything and the kitchen sink types are after me by now.

      Just so you know, I download the audio clips and listen to them at 2x speed. That way I can actually get through them without wasting twice the time of my life on them. Fass? I think I could do at 4x speed...

      Goetz. Well, from what I have read over the years, he has had lots of drug problems and arrests. You never hear about that amongst his fandom, though.

      The callers? They are The Remnants that remain after all the people with any brains have long gone. Why do you think the hocus pocus stuff does so well? Just keep shoveling the shit that ultimately gives them a simple answer to everything. It's just religion in another cloak.


    3. Speeding it up is an excellent idea. At 4x speed Fass would still be slow. He revisited me on his program this week, embroidering further his previous lies. I like to think that it is his failing memory rather than deliberate smearing. I hope he has had enough now, I don't think this is the sort of thing Tom, Fred, and those demented women out there need or wish to hear.

      Apropos Fred, he called in to the new Irish talk show earlier in the week. Before long, he brought up the subject of water.... it was funny, the host caught what was coming and ended the call with something about this not being a fracking show. :)

    4. Checked out the Fass thing. I wouldn't say he was "embroidering further his previous lies." It was all a ramble of half sentences that made no sense. The funniest thing is how every time he talks about you hiring him, he drops right off the thought. I think his memory of WBAI business at the time is just a jumble. I don't think he means to be malicious as much as defensive. However, his memory doesn't allow for it.


    5. I was specifically, but not so clearly, referring to the way he tried to wiggle out of my alleged firing from WBAI. The Hallock Hoffman letter I posted contradicted his allegation, so he invented (embroidered, if you will) a "rehiring" that solely rests in his confused, defensive mind.

      Bear in mind that Bob came in to do his midnight show and rarely was there for any length of time during daylight (business) hours. He has also invented having met Lou Schweitzer. The truth is that Schweitzer didn't much care for him and made it a point not to visit the station—he and I never met in my office, but his was just around the corner, on Madison.

      It is, of course, possible that Bob met Lou while he was a "Threepenny Opera" cast member, because his boss was Lucille Lortel, Lou's wife, whom he gave the Theater de Lys as an anniversary present. That, however, would have been before Bob became affiliated with WBAI. You are right, his memory is a jumble, and probably not always by design.

      A sad case.

    6. Good point about Fass not being around during the day. He probably got a lot of his station information second hand, after it was already being twisted in the rumor mill. He may never have even known the facts about a lot of matters, trusting in the people who told him their versions of things to be true


  4. Did you hear Ivan Hametz yesterday? While he was a selection from "La Boheme", there was commotion of some sort in the hallway just outside his door. Then, after the piece finished, he apologized profusely to listeners about the goings-on. He was clearly exasperated and came as close to expressing anger on the air as I've heard from him.

    He deserves so much better.

    1. I missed that, but will check the archive, although it was all screwed up on Sunday.