Friday, October 3, 2014

Bare Fall 2014 Marathon schedule

Here is what the station has posted as the initial  schedule for the upcoming marathon. It seems oddly lacking in details and I don't know what the yellow highlights indicate.
Click on schedule to make it more readable.


  1. What I downloaded only goes Monday to Friday.

    Yellow? I don't know. However, Hartman is only listed 3 out of the 5 times he should be on, with Jesserich getting 2 times 2 hour slots. Maybe Jesserich didn't commit to more airtime? Well, we do know Hartman isn't wanted by Murillo. My guess is possible interruption but nothing scheduled at the time of the page release.

    Forlano given 2 times 2 hours slots. That should be a hoot. Imagine if she can't make money? Then there will be NO excuse to keep her on. She's getting her chance. Sink or swim time, honey!

    Well, Minus some "TBA" it looks like people may have to fend for themselves and try and get pledges. If so, those daily tallies will be telling.

    "Open slot" makes me wonder if the shows that should normally be there have been cancelled or undecided.

    Looks interesting overall. I wonder what Murillo is up to.

    I wonder if Sldegey may have been replaced by Axey for those who fair poorly...


    1. Sorry about the missing days. I noticed it but needed to get back to my article, so had to let it go. I'll try to correct later.

      It will indeed be interesting to see the Murillo approach. From what he was saying yesterday morning, there will be running emphasis on the other day's environmental march... how perfect will that be for the environmental comedienne's debut?

    2. Seeing the rest of that makes it even more interesting. I'll be awaiting the daily tallies.


  2. (JustAListener)
    BTW, what's with Forlano not being in the archive?
    I've never heard her show as a result
    She afraid someone will steal her material?
    From what I read, her show would sound better if given the same audio modification this week's archive version of the PCRS went through.

    1. I don't know any details of the arrangement Forlano made with Reimers, but I understand that her show is not a WBAI exclusive, and it originates elsewhere (Brooklyn College?)

      From what little I have heard of her show, she shouldn't be worried about intellectual theft. I was not aware of PCRS undergoing an audio modification, but quite a number of WBAI's current "offerings" need to have the plug pulled. WBAI's archive needs work to eliminate the many dropouts—I don't think that can be done with a sledgehammer.

    2. Yes, it comes from Brooklyn College, so my guess is they hold the rights to the show. She is on multiple networks with the waste of space. Hence, my guess is BC wants a fee for archiving or isn't allowing it so as to not allow listeners who would listen on one station go to WBAI to hear it at a better time. A not stepping on toes thing. That or everyone involved is just a total idiot, which is not unlikely...

      FYI: In the PC Show website you can find a repaired version of last week's episode. Link is to the archives page.


    3. Thank you, SDL. I think you're right to suggest that the involved are all idiots.

      Apropos archive repair. Friday morning I fell asleep during Radio Unlistenable (Fass was mumbling to Wavy Gravy, just as he had the week before), and I woke up in time to catch the last hour of another excellent Peter Bochan mix. That was followed by From the Archive, which apparently is now in Shawn's hands. To my delight, it was about Alberta Hunter, so I stayed tuned. Imagine my surprise when I heard the 1978 Chris Albertson talking at length about Alberta. Then imagine how I wasn't surprised when Haskins inserted a premature station break and, shortly thereafter, abruptly cut the program off as Alberta was singing. Poor little Michael G., it must have pained him to hear me! Anyway, I picked up the program from the archive and had to do a repair job. :)

      BTW, the first part of that hour was devoted to a talk Angela Davis gave in California in the '90s, when she was on a book tour for her "Blues Legacies and Black Feminism," wherein Bessie Smith is a central figure. I don't know if she mentioned my Bessie biography, but she quotes from it in her book and once placed a big order with my publisher, because she was using it in a course she taught.

      BTW, when Hoover and Reagan made her the object of a witch hunt, the attorney who represented her, John Abt, lived in my building. He was also the lawyer Lee Harvey Oswald requested when they arrested him. He wasn't in at the time, so I returned home from a long day at WBAI to find the fairly large lobby of my building packed with media people hoping to catch him coming in.

  3. (JustAListener)
    SDL, thanks for the info, I had the same thought of checking the PCRS site and was pleased to find they were on top of it.
    I wonder if they are doing an independent recording given how many times WBAI's has glitched.
    I'd be surprised if that recording could be easily repaired, it was much more garbled than OTH.

    Glad the Pacifica archive is holding up. That's one thing worth saving.
    Chris, are you saying Davis paid for those books? Not the kind of leftist you find at WBAI these days!

    1. I'm pretty sure that the school paid for them.

  4. @Chris: So... You were talking to yourself through time and space? :)

    Fun stories, btw.

    I have wondered how many of the WBAI people actually read this blog. Probably a lot more than would admit, even if only now and then.

    @JustAListener: When the WBAI archive version of TPCS was messed up, I went to the TPCS website and found their copy messed up, too. It was only a few days later that a working one was posted.


    1. Talking to myself? Yup, I guess that's about it, considering WBAI's present listenership. :)
      Inexplicably, they ran it again this morning, just before Daulton and without Haskins there to cut it off.

      Daulton, btw, is more gospel-oriented this morning, but he's still plugging that recording from an Ametyville church and now promising that he will try to get an interview with the singer and her pastor—hmmm I wonder if they will cooperate?

      As for this blog, there have been 126,636 hits since May, 2011, and 189,724 page views. I have it set so that it doesn't register my own action. This is far more traffic than I had expected.

    2. Ironically, it's probably more hits than WBAI has had listeners in that period.

    3. Chris, listened to the show with you. Good stuff. You're a good story teller. Any ideas about an autobiography?

      Maybe Daulton is getting feedback and listening to what people want?


    4. Or, alternatively, Daulton may not be getting feedback, so he figures something has to be changed. :)

      Autobiography? Thought about it over the years and occasionally write something that ends up in a stuffed drawer. My other blog actually contains stuff that might be usable, but who wants to hear that stuff---you had to be there :)

  5. Does anybody know what happened with the WBAI ninety-day archive,
    usually found at

    It seems to have stopped working last Friday, 3rd October
    at 11:00 in the morning.

    I wanted to listen again to an interview from last Friday's
    NON FICTION programme, but it was not there on Friday evening,
    and it still has not been added. I thought the reason might have
    to do with the fact the show contained music, however nothing
    seems to have been linked to the archive since Friday morning.

    So I was about to start suspecting that the archive might have been
    temporarily disabled during the current fund drive, but rather
    than keep wondering I thought better to ask. Sorry if this is
    not the correct place.


    1. The archive has not been working well for quite some time. It has nothing to do with music content or the current fund drive. Programs that do appear there are also having problems with drop-outs. WBAI's equipment is not getting proper maintenance because nobody there has the needed knowledge, and—basic as that priority is--management has yet to realize how vital it is for a radio station to maintain good, working audio.