Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pacifica NFC motion re WBAI's budget...

Item 5 could well be the seed that blossoms into the new, all infomercial radio station. It's almost there now. According to Brian Shiratsuki, who is well versed in such matters, "all the LSBs are supposed to receive adequate, timely financial information, sufficient for their quarterly report to the board. this is duty number 1, or literally, letter A. repeated failure of the GM to provide such information ought to suffice for non-renewal of the employment agreement."


  1. As seems typical of WBAI/Pacifica, we’re told the FY2015 projected budget is approved, with certain provisos, which we’re given – but we aren’t given the actual budget, at least not yet, at least not here, unless I’ve missed it, which is I suppose always possible, as I am, or so theory holds, human all too human.

    These folks have a tendency to act as if their processes and motions are synonymous with reality.

    Well, they aren’t.

    If wishes were horses, we’d have a lot of horseshit to clean up, or something like that…

    It would be helpful if we were presented with at least the headline number for ‘projected’ FY2015 income, and for ‘projected’ FY2015 expenses.

    It would also be helpful if we were presented with a current list of past-due monies owing for ESB rent, studios rent, phone, electric, back pay, etc, etc.

    As it is, what we have is about as meaningful as saying Peace Now, Man! while hoping to levitate the Pentagon.

    Or bring about world peace.

    Or racial harmony.

    Quite ridiculous.

    ~ ‘indigo, pirate’

    1. Indeed, Indigo. Compounding the absurdity is Berthold Reimers' resumé claim to have such expertise in accounting. Guess he was too busy making contacts with celebrities and billionaires in behalf of WBAI.

      There is this once-alleged million dollar bequest... whatever became of it? The only things real at WBAI are the abundance of stupidity and unpaid bills.

      Still have to wonder what Reimers is holding over them.

  2. I’m also curious about this ‘bequest’. It was referred to in the NFC meeting last week, if memory serves. If these were competent or at least marginally-competent or at least less-infinitely-incompetent folks such a windfall might provide vital breating space with respect to pressing debts and a bit of capital for studio space and the like. I suspect though, that if it were to happen it would be used to pay immediately pending back bills while effectively continuing ‘business as usual’, then back to desperation once again, in short order.

    This is pure speculation but it may not be so much that Reimers is holding something over them as that they can’t figure out how to replace that position. They’ve had that problem as I understand it at a number of stations, on a number of occasions. Indeed, isn’t their hopelessly fucked-up process for such things how they wound up with Reimers in the first place? Who would want the job? With no real authority or ability to make real changes to try to turn things around?

    I have to admit his claim to being a SS wiz is the hoot. When he has an MBA in Finance from Wharton I’ll listen. Until then…? [rolls eyes]

    They are quite simply quite sad.

    ~ ‘indigopirate’

    1. I vaguely recall the mention of a legal obstacle re the million, something to do with a contingency, I think. Someone said it was Reimers having another daydream.

      Reimburse financial wizardry was one reason given for selecting him out of 60 candidates. Remember how he claimed to have a solution from the very beginning? Nothing has worked out. When they made deals with the Atlantic Ave and WHCR people there was great jubilation because the two rents were going to save them so much money. I believe they announced that the studio would be rented for 2 or 3 months, while they built a new one on Atlantic Ave. They even said that the station was purchasing that building.

      It's all smoke and mirrors.

    2. I particularly liked the part in that meeting a few months ago where he indicated he couldn’t provide current data because he hadn’t mastered QuickBooks yet.


      I have absolutely no way to make sense of that assertion… hadn’t sufficiently masted QuickBooks yet!

      OMFG !!!

      How does one even parse that statement on his part?

      Then again, it’s representative of the lot of them, isn’t it?


      ~ ‘Indigo’

    3. Yes, the QuickBooks story goes with a Mister Microphone in the studio.

      Rank amateurs.

  3. On the surface it sounds like the parent finally taking control of the unruly kid. However, can Pacifica know the extent of it all? Every time I hear about money and WBAI I see different figures.

    #5 is just a serious "Holy crap, Batman!" A while back I semi-joked about WBAI becoming the Commie Shopping Channel. Well, considering WBAI is NEVER solvent, maybe it isn't much of a joke anymore. No matter how much begging they do, they NEVER break even. Add people who make nearly nothing being allowed to do shows, you put an unfair burden on those who do make good money. Forlano, Fass, Sargent, Dancy, etc. have no right to make others work harder so they can masturbate their egos.

    #4 is funny. I think the real negotiations going on are more like, "Please don't throw us out!", and not for a rent reduction and back rent forgiveness.

    Yes, on the surface it looks like the "tough love" that is needed. However, without a firm willingness to enforce the dictates, WBAI will fall off the wagon like a hopeless druggie or drunk. If they don't dump Reimers, it's all nonsense from the start.


    1. The problem is that the "parent" taking control is out of control, too. The road ahead is a dead end.

  4. Pacifica/WBAI is a Ponzi Scheme.

  5. TPCS was one weird show tonight when it came to anything regarding pitching - more like slamming WBAI than anything. Sounds like Hank is fed up and Joe is laughing at WBAI's predicament.

    Notice how when they spoke about not knowing if they'd be on the air next week how they didn't mention being interrupted by Off The Hook? Considering these shows have been doing time swaps, OTH should be on next week. However, no mention of OTH. Makes you wonder if there is a problem with OTH and WBAI.

    Just came off as they were pitching under duress.


    1. I was listening and, while their candor is somewhat refreshing, it is also counterproductive. They correctly described a shaky, mismanaged radio station that bungles the "thank you gift" process, sometimes charges donors twice, and may not even deliver the promised lure.

      Obviously, whatever briefing WBAI's on-air people were given was conducted by equally clueless "management" bozos. This "Fall" marathon will probably segue into the "Winter" version, and hop into "Spring."

    2. I hadn't heard of the double billing problem until tonight. Like Hank said, double billing AND not getting your premium is adding insult to injury. Now I am doubley glad I didn't purchase the OTH flash drives last week. I might add, I wouldn't have minded the 2 in 1 DVD tonight. If WBAI were just a little better and more honest, they could have made $275.00 or so off me. Their loss...

      Brady's comments, TPCS, some other things I've heard in the past couple of days has me thinking something heavy is going on at WBAI.


    3. I think you may be right about that gathering cloud. Even the heavy pixel traffic on PacificaRadiowaves has all but stopped.

    4. I've heard a few people do the "if you don't support the show, it may be cancelled" thing in the past couple of days. I think this time it may be for real. Maybe word came down from Pacifica to dump low yeilding shows once and for all. Add the motion dictates to the mix, and maybe the gig is up.

      Yeah, it's too quiet in WBAI land. Something is going on. The calm before the storm?

      Even a drunken loser parent can get fed up with their punk kid eventually.


    5. I believe Murillo has begun holding meetings with host/producers. He is probably also looking around for people to fill upcoming vacancies. Mitchell has been running around with a recording device, so he may well be looking for some BAI air. Dalton is very likely banking on his December 13 church extravaganza and mass feeding to decide his fate. Apropos that concert, tickets can be bought at the Buddy number, but there is also another one, which makes me wonder if Daulton, his friend, Mark Reddick and the JBlass Entertainment people aren't all using WBAI.

      The fact that all the tales of optimism emanating from characters like Reimers, Haskins, Mitchel, et al fizzle out with all the loose ends still untied, is a sure sign of WBAI being run like a shady village tombola.

    6. Upcoming vacancies at WBAI? I wonder who is on the chopping block. I would guess Hartman, Brady, TPCS (especially after last night's show where they ripped management a new one and didn't seem like they made money, since they didn't read any pledgers' names) and Dalton (he sounds very nervous).

      I'll bet Dalton's concert wasn't originally set up as a WBAI benefit but just a concert he was able to add WBAI's name to. I want to know what percentage of the profits (if any) are going to WBAI. Bet he won't tell anyone. He's a user who will probably be shown up for the fake he is soon.


    7. When I say upcoming vacancies, it is pure speculation on my part. Well, perhaps an educated guess, because there is no way in hell that WBAI can catch up on its debts and stay on the air unless a radical change in programming takes place. This morning, just before Freund, Dread Scott was being mighty chummy with Marillo, who called in. They talked about programming, Marillo mentioning that he is receiving all kinds of suggestions these day, including that the station is too black (can you imagine that?).

      Dread was in agreement until "too black" came up. He seemed to find that ridiculous, which comes as no surprise. He will be on with Haskins in the morning and, guess what? Their subject will be a black journalist. All this only confirms what many of us already knew, including the fact that the so-called "community" within is not going to allow such reasoned changes. It's all moot, of course, because this train's tracks lead straight to Poofville.

      Daulton's concert has all the earmarks of a commercial venture. Were it not all so drenched in hypocrisy and empty bible blather, they shouldn't need to make any pledges at all... just get down on their knees and pray for WBAI's salvation. :) Dalton expects at least 1,500 people... that's three thousand knees!