Saturday, June 18, 2011

WBAI Folio for November 23, 1964

This issue of the WBAI Folio covers two week and introduces our documentary series, This Little Light, which Chris Koch produced from tapes he and Dale Minor recorded in Mississippi during the tumultuous summer of '64. Dale had been there before, when he produced the extraordinary series, Freedom Now, so he knew how dangerous an assignment this was. What WBAI produces today pales by comparison. Neither Chris nor Dale referred to themselves as "investigative reporters"—they didn't have to, their work made that evident.

And WBAI offers as premiums the works of shameless scammers? It does not make any sense.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this folio. I had been trying to nail down the first broadcast dates of "This Little Light", and the collection of WBAI folios is surprisingly meager. On Chris Koch's site he shares copies of 11 of the programs, as well as details about his and Dale Minor's experiences in Mississippi. As a fifteen year old not allowed to go South in Summer 1964, these programs, broadcast in Seattle in Spring 1965, helped me feel connected to a movement I cared, and still care, about.

    1. Sadly, WBAI has metamorphosed from a principled, intelligent source of information to a low-grade narrowly focused propaganda outlet for a small segment of the New York area's "melting pot".

      So I am glad to see that there are still people like you out there. "This Little Light" reflects the kind of unique production we were known for—it remains one of my favorite WBAI offerings.

      You may not know it, but the gadget freak in me led me to purchase two wireless microphone systems for the station (then a relatively new technology)—that allowed Dale to interview people whose bigotry made them adverse to being recorded.