Monday, June 13, 2011

A Davis dumb-down...

On the WBAI Listeners Forum, I have often posted my alarm at hearing how WBAI's programming has been dumbed down. The station that once was the brainy spot on New York's FM dial is... well, listen to this excerpt from Public Affairs Director Kathy Davis' Heart of Mind  program and tell me that this isn't the kind of gobbledygook that belongs on SNL. Ms. Davis probably means well, but I am told that she is responsible for bringing to WBAI much of its shallow, pseudo spiritual fare. She has, I think, listened to too many shallow wannabe Swamis and read too many comic book level subway handouts. This except from today's program is typical and I would be interested in your comments. Mind you, this is not an attack on Kathy Davis, I just think she is among the decision makers who—either deliberately or inadvertently—are shortening the life of WBAI as a vital station.

Excerpt from Heart of Mind as broadcast on WBAI June 13, 2011. (Note: I shortened the injected "music from the earth" interlude but made no cuts in Ms. Davis' words)

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