Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Folio

This Folio introduced Pacifica's new logo and contains many interesting programs, such as a new series, Freaking-out at Peace Eye, that explores the then burgeoning artistic community of New York's Lower East Side (the creative population has since been replaced by mundane people of means), and Saturday afternoon jazz shows are hosted by singer Al Hibbler, as well as musicians Bobby Timmons, Ted Curson, and Quentin Jackson. From The New School, anthropologist Ashley Montagu continued his talks on the social and biological concepts of race, and existential psychologist Rollo May continued his series on Existential Psychology. Dave Lambert of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross and Ayn Rand of Atlas Shrugged did their weekly WBAI programs, and Bob Fass' odometer was still relatively low.

We had also recently increased WBAI's power and installed a new transmitter atop the Empire State Building,
giving us almost twice the old coverage, so we knew that the number of subscriber would also increase. It did.

Always finding new ways to cut cost, we now issued the Folio every four weeks, which saved us mailing costs, and we purchased a Varitype machine that allowed us to eliminate typesetting expenses. The latter move gave us more control of the Folio, allowed us to make last-minute changes, and looked just good as the high-priced stuff—even to Mr. Bandes, our loyal printer.

Finally, check out the next to last classified ad and wonder what the Plainfield, NJ Active Neighborhood Association was thinking when the limited their desires to two ethnic groups. One might also wonder why we didn't we catch that.

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