Thursday, October 18, 2018

A Response: Handala to Manfredonia

The following link comprises Jara Handala's response to a query posted here by Ed Manfredonia on October 11, 2018. It is also posted under Comments, but it's length made me decide to also make it available as a single, downloadable PDF file:

"I believe that Kim Kaufman stated that Pacifica was in violation of the loan covenants. I would appreciate an explanation of the violations. I am not being critical of Kim. I support her efforts to expose fraud at Pacifica. — Ed Manfredonia

NOTE: This download includes an addendum to the original file.

Jara's response w. addendum.


  1. Whoops, I forgot to consider what is probably the most authoritative source on the FJC loan terms, the latest Pacifica auditor’s report, for FY2016, dated 31 May this year, produced by Regalia & Associates. This is what it says, in full:

    “Loan covenants: Under the loan, the Foundation is subject to specific loan covenants, some of which are summarized as follows:

    • Submission of audited financial statements within 120 days following the close of the fiscal year.
    • Submission of paperwork signed by the CFO certifying compliance with all covenants within 120 days following the close of the fiscal year.
    • The Foundation shall not make capital expenditures for its stations in excess of $150,000 during any fiscal year without the prior written consent of the lender.
    • The Foundation shall not, except with the prior written approval of the lender, incur any debt in excess of $25,000 in any one instance other than customary trade payables.
    • A ‘Reserve Account’ in the amount of $379,000 must be created.
    • The Foundation must be in compliance wit4h [sic] every material provision of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).” (note 17, page 19 – )

    Relevant are the first, second, & last terms. (The other three are repeated in the spurious summary of the loan, circulated under the authority of PNB chair Nancy Sorden.)

    FY2017 audited statements may be ready for FJC either side of Christmas. The 2018 are likely to extend beyond any second six-month compliance waiver FJC may grant: bookkeeping disarray tends to be cumulative, becoming increasingly intractable, unearthing nastier surprises, bringing longer delays, sapping morale. The Pacifica accounting labyrinth will drop into a new dimension. Anita-from-NETA had better hold on tight. The antithesis of dizzy with success.

    For 2018, will CFO-the-Third be Maxie-the-Third? Maxie’s spoken at four broadcasted meetings, & he’s no money man (Finance Cttee Tu9Oct, PNB Th11Oct, Audit Cttee M15Oct, PNB Th18Oct). Buzzwords: best practice (never a mention of satisficing practice); the network effect; curs’d be patchwork programming. Strangely quiet on diversity, #earsofcolor – but he knows the interests of the key people on the PNB, so he’s not going to go all identitarian when what’s needed is “the network effect”, a stress on *common identity*, not particularist identity. In any case, he doesn’t want to become embroiled in useless squabbles: for him a priority is managing his Pacifica time well so he can devote the necessary hours to his other money-making activities. So, many reasons why he won’t emulate Tommy-Clay Royce in being a party to a serious violation of the Pacifica by-laws: “neither the Secretary nor the Chief Financial Officer shall serve concurrently as the Chairperson of the Board or the Executive Director” (Article 9, Section 1 ).

    The auditors, not surprisingly, refer to “CFO”, not ED, as the qualified Pacifica *employee* to take the responsibility, something that Pacifica can’t contractually palm off to an agent, like Anita-from-NETA. This term was worded before Pacifica decided to outsource the bulk of the accounting work, so perhaps FJC will agree to a double certification by the ED & NETA, with the PNB deciding to de facto dissolve the position of CFO. As director Carole Travis knows, this is just one of those “technical things”.

    The last term refers to a long-established member of the Pacifica herd, the pensions elephant. Ever-present, never spoken of – until that chilly Californian spring morning, when the IRS came knocking … & the DOL … & who knows who else. Just more of those “technical things”.

    1. The above comment is an addendum to a much longer response, all of which is found in the PDF file to which the link (Jara's response w. addendum) leads.

  2. Chris
    Where is the link to the pdf?

    1. The link is the green line: Jara's response w. addendum.

      I just tried it and it works.

  3. how does "Blosedale" from LA's KPFK get to promo at WBAI too ?

    and the black thang is heavy and endlessly repetitious by every single KPFK staff with adjoining promos.

    as is Prescod focus 99.99% on blacks anywhere - Haiti, Venezuela's socialism, etc. - another KPFK re-issue played elsewhere too ?

    who chooses to replay, repeat, PROMOTE their Pacifica-racialism brands nationwide ?
    is it PNB? or is there a national PD influencing all stations ?

    and the cry of 'racism' is loudly emphasized as if 51% of USA population or interests or positive influences came from 1 beloved victim-race-color-conscious group? huh?

    many listeners or members do not have Any Idea of how things get to be the way they present On Air - a fake image version of what else goes on by many tribes/ groups/ race- or otherwise identified. Who is to know ?

    who ever learns how the donations are actually used, misused, spent for atty/court costs vs. any other assumed-implied 'maintenance of radio stations' expenses' ?

    or does no one ever care ? like where tax paid $$$ go either ? no matter, just pay up and dont ask ! = the rulers' decrees quietly.

    1. The KPFK Prescod and Blosdale commercials have been somewhat tailored (Phone no., etc.) for WBAI, but they are essentially still KPFK scams.

      What you say regarding the applied black conversion (which, being so dishonest and propaganda-oriented that it places the stations deeper into the red)) is absolutely true. The secret disposition of money from sales is inexplicable, but the PNB that be's is obviously on a misdirected path of its own.

      What they have done to Pacifica beggars belief—Maxie will not be able to set Pacifica straight; only a total, thorough sanitation could possibly do that, and such action is as likely to be taken as is bringing life back to dinosaurs.

      Pacifica will die as a victim of black racism, ignorance and greed.

  4. Is there a show on bai where they don't mention the words "white supremacy" during the show?
    and doesn't mimi sound like a mental patient? lol

    1. It is a painting by the number that has become an obsession among the station's core misfits.

      The term "white supremacy" is a misnomer when applied by them to just about any member of this fictional "community".

      That thinking people of any ancestry continue working there is as big a mystery to me as the PNB's failure to function in behalf of the organization.

  5. education at the crossroads , listen how fast this turns into race based garbage.
    Mainly how the black man is getting shafted by the white man. So predictable !

    1. When WBAI was a real Pacifica station, these race-obsessed fools would have been told to return to their street corner soapbox. That said, I don't recall people of that ilk even trying to get their venom aired.

      Clouded as their little minds are, I wonder if they realize that dishonest broadcasting repels listeners.

      The producer/host of that show has been on a mission drift for years.

      It is too late now, but there was a time when WBAI could have been put back on track. Spineless "management" and rampant intimidation has, I strongly believe, stood in the way of Lew Hill's motivation—i.e. to raise broadcasting standards above their shallow postwar level. Instead, Pacifica was eventually allowed to sink to a substandard Spam stew of ineptitude and self indulgence.

  6. 2300 hours of archives ,yet the same dead black guys.
    Is there anybody in the archives that is NOT black?
    This is the same shit they have been replaying for YEARS!

  7. Their fund drive is flopping out for obvious self-induced reasons, so they are desperate. They also happen to be of singularly narrow mind. I'm not sure if they themselves believe the twisted facts and outright lies that many of them spew. I am quite certain that they have neither the mental capacity nor the moral concern to recognize how insulting their snake oil approach is to listeners—white as well as black.

    In many ways, these are pathetic mini-Trumps. The few decent, talented people on WBAI's air should be supported, but I find that difficult to do when I don't sense disgust coming from that quarter.

    Most listeners have, of course, decided to leave and let die what once was an important broadcasting outlet.

    They have left and I think WBAI's [possibly Pacifica's] death is imminent.

  8. I swear anytime since this beg-a-thon started, I only hear Blosdale with her CBD stuff. Maybe it's just when I tune in that I have the misfortune.

    Anyway, walked by 505 8th Avenue today and had some memories flashback into my deranged mind.


    1. There is, indeed, a predominance of Blosdale, so she must be pulling in some pledges. We are hearing less of Prescod I wonder if she managed to sell the remaining 15 Robeson disks. amazingly, there is over all not much being pushed. I wonder how Mr. obnoxious (loudmouth Kane) is doing and what Maxie and the PNB has planned for the a dead radio station's long-awaited exit.

      All in all, this is about as spiritless and dismal as it can get, even as the fat lady's shadow competes with solar eclipses.

      Where will Null sell his stuff?

  9. BAI and the other stations have hosts that can't be bothered to pitch live. Rerun segments where said host plays a taped insert of the damn pledge number so they don't go insane saying it 1,000 an hour. Run earlier pledge blocks where they painfully pod down the date and time so it's not obvious it's from earlier in the day. At least Blasdale's graduated from gotta get me some of that 1984 to super beta drinks that will cure practically anything.

    I keep hearing Phil Donahue and Ralph Nader embarass themselves by hyping how great Amy Goodman is. Which sadly proves that they have zero credibility. Then again, when both are multi millionaires, what the hell do they care.

  10. I just heard it all. Kathy "Cake" Davis (yes, not Blosdale for once) is talking about how she practices fasting. I think she has the word "fasting" mixed up with "shoving," like in shoving cake and other high fat foods into her fat ass. Really, these beg-a-thon products and claims get more and more ridiculous as time goes on.

    Anyway, fasting is bullshit and not healthy. Your body needs proper nutrition to improve itself, even to lose weight. What it needs is proper nutrition.

    I want to know who sits back laughing at these suckers who buy this junk. What I really wonder is who buys this junk and actually uses it.

    Anyway, maybe this is the time to tell something I haven't before. When I had my toe infection earlier this year that put me in the hospital, I was also diagnosed with diabetes type II. I worked on it trying to get into remission from when I was released in early February. Guess what. In mid August I was declared cured of it. No, not remission or reversal, but cured. It seems in a small number of cases, diabetes type II can be actually cured by proper nutrition, weight loss and exercise. No, there is no medication to cure it. You must do it naturally. I did it naturally with no fad diets nor health guru bullshit nor supplements. I won't get into it all here, but I bet I can do more to help cure diabetes type II than any crap WB(losdale)AI ever could.


    1. First, let me tell you how good it is to hear of your medical recovery—that news is, seriously, more welcomed than any notice of Reimers being fired could be. That's the only cure for gross mismanagement :)

      Apropos highly dispensable WBAI people, Kathy is very high on my list—I'd like, for the station's sake, to see her levitate through the "studio's" skylight. The other day, I caught her doing a new infomercial, trying to sell gullible listeners a book that will give them the "power" of Uri Geller. Imagine her rubbing away and disfiguring her cake spoons so the icing glides right into her considerable lap.

      Blosdale? Well, she is strictly business, at any cost to the listeners.

    2. Thanks for the comments. I do appreciate them. There was no magic to my cure. I simply cut out the carbs and sugars, ate almost all fresh food (primarily meats and lots of vegetables), lots of spices (mainly to flavor things so they didn't get boring), and lots of chili peppers (fresh, dried, ground, hot sauces, etc.), some eggs (omelettes), lots of water, etc. The one thing my endocrinologist said was that eating the chilies was helpful as they reduce blood sugar. That would be the most "outlandish" thing I ate, but it is a medical fact. So, no, nothing hidden or radical. I just ate a healthy diet and exercised thirty minutes a day. I'm still amazed I am cured, but it does happen.

      Anyway, I was told to check my blood sugar a couple of times a week, but I do it twice daily out of paranoia, and it's normal, averaging 88-94 on the glucometer readout.

      All that without Gary Null & Void or any crackpot books, programs or DVDs. this experience has made me despise WBAI even more for the way they sucker people with "health" stuff than ever before.

      Funny about that con artist Uri Gellar. He was on George Noory's show on WOR a couple of weeks ago, still doing the spoons and watches scams that he has for decades. I give him credit for being able to get rich on this crap for so long. Too bad James "Amazing" Randy wasn't on too.

      WBAI will simply sell anything to the suckers. There really is no difference between a preacher selling prayer blankets or magic water and the junk WBAI sells. What's so amusing is that The Remnants think they are smarter than everyone else, but they are as gullible as the most gullible of people.


  11. Only $95 for a fasting DVD? What's that number again? While I consider the power of natural therapy Chris, Do you have any new reports Chris? It seems a little too quiet at Pacifica.

    1. That's a real bargain, but I think it comes with a basket of bacon.

      Yes, there is a lull, but we can be sure that it will be followed by much ado about nothing. I bet it will have something to do about the upcoming/delayed Pacifica election.

      In the meantime, Cerene is keeping very busy posting black-related program, death and election announcements sprinkled with her own brand of venom.

      The current pre-extended fund-raising indulgence is scheduled to end on Sunday, returning WBAI to its usual form of abnormality.

      This morning, we heard a taste of that as Haskins—in his painful grade school English—read a hypocritical message of sympathy and regret over the Pittsburgh shooting. What happened to the anti-semitism leitmotif?

  12. and for only $500.00 it's the complete Dee-lux WBAI Fasting kit- everything you need to eat during your fast all delivered by invisible beings levitated personally by Kathy Davis. This 300 meal package comes complete with directions on leaving your estate to WBAI. Now endorsed by the Breatharians.

  13. Blosedale hawks grandly about gut cleansing woman in Sta Barbara CA - for $200 any one who has a gut that needs to be washed out can get a book that is $25 on Amazon, that is not available at any local So CA library [probably because they dont buy fake self promo books but rather informational or fiction ones]. That price includes a session not in LA but further No. - a long drive - to be cleaned out - if Pacifica KPFK did not do it already for the gut-gullible.

    Fascinating that between gushing about guts and cures and cute blonde women's smiling on book covers, the extreme sales exaggerations are adjacent to "non-profit" emphasized donations that are thus tax-deductible - 2 for 1 - barely legal claims, if that. {Julia Loggins is promoted as if a sales clip on AM radio stns or cheap small TV stns trying to get converts ] Yuk.


  15. One of many things that Null will never dare say on-air. Health is both physical and emotional. One thing. Not two seperate ones.

    1. Very true. happiness and stress will affect your health. Why is it everyone I knew who smoked and/or drank moderately lived much longer than everyone I knew who "took care of themselves"? Maybe being happy had something to do with it?

      Another thing may be genetics. I think that plays more into things than the medical establishment wants to admit.

      Well, I'm a smoker, and, when I was in the hospital, I would ask how my stats were when they took them. They would always tell me my heart, lungs, etc. were above average. Only my blood pressure was just slightly above normal, but that was probably the stress of being in the hospital and my situation.

      My father was a pothead and smoker, but lived to his mid 70s. All the other men in his side of the family died in their 50s, mainly from heart attacks. They were always those show off types full of stress.

      Anyway, I like to say that all these healthy people on their fad diets will die younger than they think they will because they are so stressed out about taking care of themselves. My doctor told me that people who do all this vegan, paleo, etc. diets are coming in with more and more health problems these days. Ever talk to these people? Do it for five minutes and see how they blather on about all their health conditions.

      I'll stick to what I'm doing. Even my doctor said I am in better shape than most fifty-two year olds. His exact words were, "You're amazing."

      Go figure...


    2. My maternal grandparents smoked and drank (though metier accessibly) and they ate Danish food, rich in properties that we are given to believe are life-threatening. They both lived into their nineties, remaining mobile and enjoying an active social lifestyle.

      I'm sure that diet has much to do with longevity, but there has to be a positive side dish on the table, too—the gloom and doom that fuels sale of Null crap comes mostly from stressed, gullible people, I think.

      WBAI sells paranoia and imagined cures.

      So, I tend to agree with you and continue to derive delight from your staying power.

      Apropos gloom and doom, did anyone hear false news Faulkner this morning? Her guest was a nut who thinks climate change is a government-controlled hoax. WBAI should float Bonnie out to sea.

  16. amy and juan turning democracy now into black lives matter now , yet again .

  17. Chris,

    Berhold Reimers was supported by Steve Brown. Remember the farcical two MBAs in Finance and holding a CPA?

    I suggest that queries should be made by individuals, who post here, concerning Steve Brown's support for Berthold Reimers.

    As for the Programming. Anyone, who gives R Paul Martin a show should be declared mentally incompetent.

    Thank you.

    Ed Manfredonia