Saturday, May 20, 2017

Twelve hour respite

Yesterday, WBAI suddenly went off the air and remained blessedly silent for about twelve hours.. It continued streaming, but a pitifully small listenership was reduced even further by this encore presentation of nothing.

If an explanation or apology was given via the stream, I didn't hear it. Around 3:30 Friday afternoon, it popped back in and we were assaulted by the hysteria of Margaret Prescod, the West Coast fantasist who is known to have spent a couple of months trying to unload a DVD set so rare that she was only able to get 15 copies. Well, this screeching hustler from Pacifica's cadre of repulsive fabulists is still peddling the same set.

Now, after a pause that refreshed, the scam was on again and, finally, an explanation was offered. Well, it came from Tony Bates, the program mismanager whose word is as good as styrofoam dinnerware. Suffering (thriving?) from a severe case of PP (Pacifica Paranoia), he is known to see a convenient dastardly plot in anything that might flicker his spotlight. Have you heard him twist African history? Has he offered you a bottle of the old Double Helix? 

Unable to speak the truth or come up with a plausible reason for WBAI missing 12 hours of fundraising time, Mr. Bates dusted off his finger and pointed it at Verizon. Reimers had used that one before and it seemed to work.

Here, with more holes in it than Bonnie and Clyde's Ford V8, is what Bates wants us to believe:  

Tony Bates "explains", or does he?

Was it :maintenance" or "repair"? Notice on WBAI's web site


  1. I bet they owed money to Verizon and had to quick pay like last year. That, or WBAI is so irrelevant that Verizon forgot they even have a phone line with WBAI.

    It's all a conspiracy, according to Bates. He never talks about the conspiracy at WBAI to defraud listeners of the premiums they paid for, however.

    By the way, I heard Null blather about not sending out Brain Stuff because he sent it back to the factory to add ingredients to make it Memory Stuff. Yeah, sure, whateva...


  2. "Maintenance issues": just like the ones at the MTA?