Sunday, April 16, 2017

Is there a shrink in the house?

Going bonkers (yes, even more so) over her recent relocation to the very fringe of Pacifica matters, the Disruptor-in-Chief spends much of her time these days pouring out her meaningless pixels at every opportunity and hoping that someone pores over them with undue attention.

Unwanted and uninvited, she makes increasingly desperate attempts to participate in streamed meetings that now are less chaotic than they used to be with her points of disorder.

Her begging for access to the Pacifica Audit Committee's recent fruitless clashes was ignored, but nothing seems to impede her constant need for attention.

Now a frequent e-mailer, here's what she came up with today as word of a flimsy super tent of iniquity made the rounds and another plot seemed destined for collapse. 

What Cerene wants you to read.


  1. I could do without the multiple messages sent to everyone before,during and after PNB meetings but I also find interesting bits of information revealed as well. It says something about Pacifica when I find out more from Cerene's rants than Pacifica itself.

    1. Ironically, WBAI/Pacifica is very much like Trump in that, while it’s quite clueless, quasi-random within the range of its ideology, and with absolutely no idea as to what it’s actually doing, it’s firmly convinced that it’s the bearer of light and truth and resolute in its conviction that it’s clever, shrewd, and just-plain-right.

      In the very distant ancient past of its fifty-plus year history, it was in fact as open as any functioning institution can or could be. That faded over time as ‘progressive’ leftists came to dominate, and for the last thirty-plus years or so any claims of ‘openness’ and ‘democracy’ have been public relations and marketing, pure and simple, no more and no less.

      You pays your money and they makes their choice.

      If you’re fool enough, that is, and if they can get around to an occasional decision or two amidst their eternal internal strife.

      Amusing, actually, if viewed from sufficient distance – which would be, I suppose, somewhere in or slightly beyond the Oort Cloud.

      ~ ‘indigopirate’

    2. Direct hit noted. That mist of fantasy (self-deception included) has developed into a heavy fog that so obscures Lew Hill's original vision that even traces of the past require imagination.

      When that fog lifts, as surely it must, there will be but tracks of greed and corruption left to see—a long trail of unfocused selfies.