Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fudged finances--April 2017

Blurred by dishonesty, here is another picture of corruption and ineptitude.

The April 2017 WBAI LSB Treasurer's Report


  1. 'Progressive Accounting', I suppose.

    ~ 'Indigopirate'

  2. The GM reported progress catching up on bills at the LSB meeting last night. He said the station's records are better than the national office. The phone bill had been reduced to $16,000. The station is instituting text to pledge which increased revenue in the last fund drive. He reported the programming sounds 'better and more attractive' with 'strong strips'.

    1. I hope your grain of salt was large enough to withstand all that.

    2. Reimers accounting is less reliable than Bernie Madoff's. Let's see how the next beg-a-thon goes if Null isn't returned yet.

      The station's records can't be compared to the national office as they serve different functions.

      Finally, the programming is only improved by DN replacing Null.

      The phone bill is reduced? Is that because they have ONE phone line?

    3. Reimers practices ad-lib accounting—and, remarkably, gets away with it,

      Apropos getting away with it... sometimes I wonder... too many frivolous secrets.