Friday, April 28, 2017

Calling Mister Sandman!

As WBAI breaks its nearly month-long respite and returns to another seemingly endless, fraud-based fund drive, here is a reminder of what the station gives you for your money. Forget about the so-called "thank you gift", which you might never receive (did anyone actually get the drops of Double Helix Bates an Kathy hawked a few years back?), and focus on the content and caliber of WBAI's programming under Reimers an Bates.

As you may know, Null's banishment has again turned into renewed love, so he will be back in there making his spurious self-promoting claims and selling his stuff. Perhaps also teaming up with Davis, whose nonsense he carries on his own internet outlet. 

The following excerpt is a typical exemplar—taken from Kathy Davis' most recent rambling blather session. They seem to have downgraded from the Mister Microphone equipment to a Tinker Toy™ emulator of a prototype cylinder horn, so I removed the passages that require the use of a hearing aid.

Just be glad that Ms. Davis does not spot you in one of her lucid dreams! It's a relatively small soundbite, but it will test your intellect, so you might wish to skip around.

Kathy's BAI babble.


  1. I could only tolerate about four minutes of her mental illness.


    1. What does it tell you that she's also a rep on the Pacifica board and Gary Null carries her blather on his little Internet thing?

      Did you like the part where Madame Davis falls in love with her toes?

    2. Who votes for the LSB, which sends people to the PNB? The Remnants - the most fanatical and moronic listeners WBAI has. So there's your answer.

      Null likes to gather ex-WBAI people on PRN, so I'm not surprised.

      I don't recall hearing about her toes. Thank goodness.


  2. Its. about. tapping. the. voice. within. Why. is. she. talking in. a. mono...tone voice?
    She definitely doesn't sound like that on the PNB call. No wonder they can't pay their bills. Of course according to them, the programming is not the issue. We just need to get the word out so more people can learn how to tap into the voice within.

  3. Kathy is a good person - she tries to be fair to everyone. Even though she and Robert Knight were long time lovers and she worshipped Samori Marksman, she is a trooper. She still supported Mario Murillo, even after he was fired for sexual harrassment in 1998.