Saturday, July 16, 2016

Like, eh-r-r, y'know what I'm sayin'?

Last night, the Pacifica National Board picked up its phones and engaged in yet another orgy of nothingness. The same old words were given another toss and the same old Cerene did her same old intercept number, but she was as ineffective as Pacifica itself.

Our good friend, indigopirate, has put together another generously smaller serving of this meeting of the never minds. It goes with his brilliant, concise summation:

A Plan to Borrow Money to Plan to Make Plans to… Plan to Make Plans…?

CFO ~ We have to look very closely at the operating model and how it needs to be changed.

Interim Executive Director ~ We have to have a plan.

Chief Financial Officer ~ The operating model is broken. The biggest change that has to happen is the programming. We’re losing listener support.

Motion – A multistep plan to plan to borrow money.

Action ~ Passed unanimously.

Action Taken Re Programming/Broken Operating Model ~ None.

And here, for those among you whose attention span is an anomaly in today's world, is the entire meeting.
Part 1  —  Part 2


  1. I'm an anomaly. I always listen to the full versions of Pacifica Night Live episodes, often while playing video games.

    They need a Plan 9 From Outer Space.


  2. I'm not so sure about dismissing this meeting as nothing. As I understand it, they voted to tap money that came into the California stations AND mortgage the national office in order to pay the 2014 audit and pay for the 2016 election. I'm not sure if they will actually get a mortgage but that is a pretty big step. If the money from the CA stations is enough to get across the immediate hurdles, they should hold off on getting a mortgage. Its kind of hard to tell because they referenced so many old funding issues but it seems like its finally sinking in that they need to get the audits paid in order to deal with the ESB, retain insurance and get CPB funding. They didn't mention it but its also needed to help gain credibility with potential donors. I think that's why the same old delay tactics didn't work this time.

    1. Your points are well taken, but time is not on Pacifica's side. The action proposed is an act of desperation and obviously not one that sits well with the fracturing faction Cerene works for.

      The original concept was an excellent one that should have been carried out and allowed to evolve in step with the times and such cultural and social changes as inevitably occur. I am not aware of anything that justifies such radical departure from Lew Hill's core principles as we are seeing. Ego, greed and colossal ineptitude are the baneful foreign matter in this brew.