Sunday, April 10, 2016

The latest story never told?

As even a casual observer might have gathered, Pacifica's swirling cesspool of corrupt conspirators hides many secrets in almost all areas of its governance. This is not to say that the PNB doesn't have decent people at the table—it does, but they are a powerless minority held in place only by their loyalty to Pacifica. Well, the Pacifica that once was and is destined to die as is. That Damocles sword has been hanging for a remarkably long time, but the pending audit findings may well cut it loose.

What little we know in detail of the financial situation is gathered from streamed telephone conferences and spurious reports issued by station managers and their cronies. The PNB conferences are studies in frustration and deceit, mindless dramas wherein the dedicated are cut off or drowned out by the duplicitous.

In the coming days, you will get pieces of this puzzle in the form of audio clips and—although we have not as yet formed the full picture—the posted glimpses should make it abundantly clear that Pacifica remains on course, heading for  a rendezvous with destiny, as FDR once put it. In WBAI's case, that destiny is doom, but the self-inflicted wounds are network wide. Here, for example, is  a sampling from the KPFA Local Station Board meeting, which took place yesterday, April 9, 2016. The excerpts—separated by three snaps— were captured by our good friend, 'Indigopirate'.

The full meeting is two clicks away, but be forewarned that it runs over two hours.

If the paying public, Pacifica's listener-sponsors were permitted to make "a point of order", they would undoubtedly be curious to know how and where their money was spent. However, the ruling few do not like such questions, so they hide in "executive meetings" at the drop of a naughty word or phrase... such as "Empire State Building". Stay tuned.

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