Friday, April 15, 2016

If the shoe don't fit...

Bill Crosier of KPFT is one of the few Pacifica board members who consistently makes an effort to cut through the BS and get something positive accomplished. For that reason, he is subject to the majority's stifling tactics. We have heard his phone connection cut off during tele-conferences, as well as other moves to prevent him from pointing out highly questionable election rigging maneuvers. Obviously, the Siegel mob does not welcome Mr. Crosier's no-nonsense approach.

If you have listened to recent teleconferences as streamed, I'm sure you have noticed how Siegel's disciples, including Tony Norman of the Washington station, are quick to step in when the questioning becomes discomfiting. A recent move in the Siegel game has called for rigging of WBAI's LSB in order to obtain majority for the JUCs. Cerene Roberts flits around like a fly in a bottle to manipulate elections and recently, when a meeting was rendered unlistenable by a symphony of beeps, Mr. Norman claimed that a vote had taken place during the interruption and—wonder of wonders—it favored the Siegel agenda.

This morning, another game maneuver prompted Mr. Crosier to send Tony Norman a note to point out a typical departure from the rules. He also cc'ed it to the Pacifica Radiowaves listservI. You might find it illuminating:

Subject: [PacificaRadiowaves] Re: WBAI email ballot election results
Date: April 15, 2016 at 12:26:50 AM EDT
To: Tony Norman <>, "" <>
Cc: Pacifica Radiowaves <>, "" <>

Tony, I see from the e-mail election results you sent to the PNB today, for WBAI LSB officers and Directors to the PNB from WBAI, that only 11 people voted.  So clearly there was not quorum for any of those elections.

Also, I note that the tallies were performed by Jack VanAken.  While I respect his work on the KFPK Election Working Group, why were the tallies not done by Terry Goodman, who I believe was named in the PNB motion (that improperly authorized this e-mail election) to do that job?

I recall that Terry e-mailed us, saying the elections did not reach quorum, and were also invalid because the Bylaws do not allow for e-mail elections of LSB officers nor Directors. Several of us on the PNB also objected at the time the motion (for this election) was being considered, based on the fact that it's contrary to the Bylaws do have such an election, that it's impossible for candidates to be questioned or for there to be any discussion about their qualifications, because the ballots were apparently not going to be sent out to all of the correct delegates/LSB members, and because the WBAI Delegates already had a meeting to elect Directors but the JUC folks decided to boycott it rather than bring forward any objections then, which would have been  the proper time to do so.

So I believe this election is essentially null and void, correct?



  1. Maybe they need a new committee to form a committee to study the bylaws...


    1. The original or the fictionalized?

    2. Aren't they the same?


    3. I don't think so—there's a whole lot of tweaking and trashing going on with these crooks.

    4. You mean a committee like the Royal Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things?

  2. Where is David Wynyard now that we really need him.