Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pulling Pacifica's plug...

"At the rate KPFK is bleeding, it could take the network down pretty soon." —Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Pacifica Finance Committee Chairman

After some technical problems that—given the severity of the situation and consistently muddled (manipulated) accounting—quite naturally aroused suspicion, last night's Finance Committee meeting finally popped into the stream. As expected, it paints a Bergman-like picture of the present situation, with a faint glimmer of hope coming from Berkeley and Houston, but not one that is likely to cast a light on KPFK and WBAI.

R. Paul Martin's attempt to report WBAI's situation offers pathetic confirmation of Berthold Reimers' gross ineptitude, if not downright violations of the law. After five years of mismanagement, ineptitude on the local level cannot serve as an excuse—Pacifica itself must bear blame for allowing such obvious abuse to continue.

Pay attention to the salary/consultation expenditures, which, in more ways than one, are at odds with reality. I think Indigopirate put it well:

" date, we’ve seen no appropriate correspondingly desperate attempts to slash staff, or to take one or more stations off air to reorganize and relaunch after seeking new monies from foundations for a fresh start, etc. Nothing of that sort, at least nothing visible. Visibly, this is still very much in the circling the drain category.

I think in many ways this reflects the subculture these people represent. They’re essentially incapable of action, and particularly incapable of bold action which entails risk. They’re quintessential coffee ‘progressives’ and ‘revolutionaries’."

Here is an audio excerpt, courtesy of Indigopirate.

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  1. These doofs should downsize... to a lemonade stand. The Bunker Bozos are the small time version of "The Smartest Guys in the Room" and would do Enron proud.

    Hey, that was better than any "political comedy" you'll hear on Julianna Halper... I mean Katie Forlano... I mean... Anyway, my vote still goes to Sarah Palin as funniest political comedienne, multi-year winner of The American Foot In Mouth Disease Moron of the Year Award...