Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Proffitt on WBAI's debt: "Frankly, staggering!"

Last night, there was another phone-based meeting of the Pacifica National Board's Finance Committee. John Proffitt has returned from his New York visit and you may note that the relative optimism he expressed when surrounded by some of the stick-to-the-wall program producers has more of a panic feel when he addresses the PNB. 

The transmitter situation seems to be of greatest concern; he describes the debt owed to the Empire State Building as "staggering" and mentions that the arrears cited by the ESB is "significantly higher" than the figures given by Berthold Reimers (no surprise there). We have for many months been fed lies by Reimers crony, Mitchel Cohen and ignorant minions like Haskins, giving the impression  that—while the situation could be better—there is reason for optimism. That, of course, is unadulterated bull. You may have seen the following in Tracy Rosenberg's latest Pacifica in Exile newsletter:

"...the NY station continues to run its antenna from the Empire State Building, paying $14,000 a month and collecting $35,000+ as a debt-to-be-paid-later each month. WBAI's 15 year antenna lease at the Empire State Building runs through 2020."

If I read that correctly, the rent has not been lowered, as was implied, it has just been switched to something you will hear John Proffitt refer to as "the partial payment plan." Add to that the fact that the lease for the Atlantic Avenue premises is still being "negotiated." The amazing fact is that Berthold Reimers still has his $100,000.00 a year job!

Apropos the most incompetent manager in WBAI's history (and they have had some dooseys), he has apparently appointed Jeannie Hopper (whose bland "Liquid Sound Lounge" show is embarrassing) to the PD position. The LSB is allegedly looking for a person for that job, so expect further confusion. At this point, we have no idea of the number of paid employees Reimers has put in place, nor have we heard any official word on the recent fundraising tallies. Apparently, however, the income is way, way below the desired/needed total. Tracy Rosenberg's new Pacifica slogan comes to mind: "Speaking half-truth to power". That is too generous, I think.

As if all this weren't sufficiently farcical, it might interest you to hear that Mr. Proffitt, in whose hands the fate of Pacifica seems to rest, will be going on a European vacation in August! 

Anyway, listen to the WBAI portion of last night's meeting. It starts with R. Paul Martin, who—as usual, and rightly—complains over being kept in the dark by Berthold Reimers.

And here, in case you wish to listen to this three-ring circus in its entirety (1 hr. 10 mins) is a link to the entire meeting.


  1. Jeanne Hopper was an acolyte of Samori Marksman so that makes sense. Anyone who sucked @ the teat of Samori gets promoted!

  2. Sell this damn thing and get it over with.


  3. I tuned by WBAI a few times today and see they are still asking for money, complete with the so obviously fake telephone ringing sound effect.

    Maybe, at some point, all the station staff can go sell some blood, like the bums they are?

    After last week's Off The Hook, I have zero respect for those jerks. Their ass kissing has gotten disgusting. I don't know if they are simply stupid or trying to save their skins. However, it is much too much now, hearing it every episode. They don't even sound like they believe it. Maybe they should worry about doing a good show for the first time in months rather than rimming Reimers. Bernie S is the only one that really talks tech and hacking anymore. The others are more interested in talking about dogs and injuries. Maybe it will be big news the day one of them gets laid. Woohoo! I can't wait...

    The Personal Computer show is all that remains for me, and I may just bow out of listening to it on WBAI, since they have their own archives on the TPCS website.

    Sorry to break the news, but it's 2015, not 1850. I don't need a full daily multi-hour slamming with the same slavery topic seemingly endlessly. Even Democracy Now is on the same kick and worthless. There are other things happening now in the world. The WBAI idiots should try reading a newspaper and discover that there is a whole wide world out there.


    1. That blood is so contaminated with hatred and "god" knows what that I don't think it's salable

      You are right about the OTH having become apologists for Reimers and Amy going with the flow. I don't share your fondness for the PC Show (although I sense that it is somewhat restrained), but that's probably because they are stuck in time and I have greater interest in Olivettis and Royals than in any Microsoft product. Well, I do use the Office package, but I still find it awkward and needlessly memory hogging.

      This week, Null began one of his infomercial by announcing that shipment of his anti-toxic DVD will be almost immediate, because they have been piling up. Why? Nobody sent in their pledged money! Tells us something, doesn't it? Null also said that there would be a generous "discount" on that product. Does one apply discounts to thank you gifts? I don't think so.

      Read newspaper? Haskins tries to do that every morning, but he sounds like he is coming across the words for the first time. Perhaps he is.

      Let's face it, WBAI dies a long time ago and rigor mortis is finally setting in. Don't forget to tune in to Kathy Davis at midnight, I think Reimers considers her program to be too important (profound) to be pre-empted for a commercial.

    2. "Fondness" isn't the right word, as I have no sentimental feelings towards the crew on TPCS. I just think they do what they are supposed to and give out worthwhile information, without complaining that Microsoft is racist for not coming with a pop up on Windows 10 decrying slavery and demanding reparations. Anyway, I need to use Windoze for work, otherwise I often use Linux distros.

      Null's anti-toxic DVD? How does that work? Do you rub it all over yourself? Aren't DVDs by nature toxic? You're confusing me...

      Well, Reimers must love the ever worthless Mike Sargent and Ife Dancy, too, as they make no money to speak of. In truth, Davis’ BS makes more money in one beg-a-thon than Sargent and Dancy together make in a whole year.

      Proffitt is learning – take what you can get and the hell with Pacifica.

      I think Reimers secretly listens to Twit Wit Radio: “Give a half true answer to the following question…” Good idea leaving a big ESB debt to the next dummy that follows him.

      Imagine if the Islamaniac State ever discovers WBAI? What a torture tool they will have in their hands for dealing with English speaking prisoners…

      Want to hear a really funny joke? Me, too, but this will have to do:

      Since when does Reimers have the authority to hire a new PD?
      Since no one will stop him…


    3. I think you might find the reparations pop up window on Windows 10+, the so-called "Rear Windows." I am told that it takes you back—via half-truths, John Henrik Clark fantasies and reparations raps—beyond MS-DOS and CP/M to Haytee, Congo Square, the land of Garvey, Sir Hillary, et al.

      Null's anti-toxic DVD? I don't know what it contains—could be something as simple as ways in which to switch off WBAI.

      The problem with the pennies Davis pulls in (well, one of the problems) is that some of it is for her private consultations and imaginary mind exercises.

      Reimers? I think his mother must have watched Pinocchio during her pregnancy—the humor of Twit Wit Radio is not something he would understand.

      Not a bad joke.

      As I post this, some idiot who calls himself "Rebel Diaz" is segue-ing banal racist propaganda rap that is scheduled to go on until midnight, when spiritualist Davis comes on, oozing her nonsense,

      I predict that WBAI's plug will be pulled before those new "studio" wall make contact with the ceiling.

    4. Rebel Diaz is among the worst of what WBAI offers. OK, this is how out of touch the Bunker Bozos are. Do you really think a 60+ year old listenership wants to listen to poseur street hoodies, who can barely speak English, playing rap/hip hop crap? No, they want to hear classic blues, jazz, etc. It shows you how Reimers and company have no idea who their listeners are. And, for the record, I am neutral and objective on the music discussion, as I am a hard rock guy, which is kryptonite to WBAI.

      Ask Emanuel Goldstein about the "studio" and phone lines they have been getting every week for months. He tells us every time all about it.

      One thing I want to say about TPCS. I still think they are the most honest and clear headed people when it comes to WBAI's problems. If nothing else, I appreciate their having the guts to just say what they have to say. One day I think they will just be gone, which I think is what Reimers is trying to do to them.


    5. OK, Mr. hard rock guy. I like some of that, too, but my non-jazz/blues/classical taste runs to r&b and such bygone groups as King Crimson, The Stones, Beatles, Joplin....

      You are right about TPCS, they have not been afraid to speak up. I don't know what he said, but Hank Kee brought something to Proffitt's attention during that visit and it must have been on point since Frank Lefever obviously didn't like it.

      With hardly any listeners left, they are as good as gone already. I wonder if Reimers has set a goal for the debt he is accumulating?

      BTW, I have added audio of the entire July 28 financial meeting to the top post. It runs an hour and ten minutes, most of which is the usual crap—Cerene and R. Paul at each other's throat, etc.

  4. (JustAListener)
    Maybe Proffitt is going to visit Greece to see how they get by!

  5. talking about the anniversary of medicare ... ofcourse from the segregation angle .
    remember you could only hear this on bai . where every topic is related to black lives matter . lmao.

  6. i think bai should abolish talking about slavery .
    Joy Degrue ,,, accomplishing absolutely nothing ,
    Just stirring the pot . again ...... Maybe selling books to
    whoever is drinking the koolaid .... sad
    Selling books i guess to whoever is drinking the koolaid .

    1. They are the new Uncle Toms and what they do and say may well present a greater embarrassment to intelligent black people than it does to "whitey".

      Frankly, I think they set the cause of black people back with all this ignorant nonsense. Most people are abhorred and outraged by the law enforcers who kill the people they are supposed to protect, but low life's like Haskins, Reimers, and the rest of WBAI's current gang of opportunists simply attempt to cash in on it. That's disgusting!

  7. couldn't agree more . I think they know the end is near and they just don't give a shit anymore. What else could it be ?
    Nobody with half a brain could think that this is compelling enough to hold anyone's interest anymore .

  8. Too bad people like Cohen, Lefever, OTH, etc. don't purchase the eyesight improvement premium, but then they may have to see things more clearly. "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.., I can see all obstacles in my way..." And there's a hell of a lot of them!

    I had a thought. We know Reimers would like to get rid of TPCS and OTH, right? Do you think both shows are reacting to that in a different way, TPCS taking the "not being bullied" attitude, while OTH is doing the ass kissing strategy? By the way, more than even Hank Kee, Joe King really slams the Bunker Bozos the hardest.

    King Crimson? I like their early stuff, Actually, my musical tastes are insanely eclectic, from hard rock, spaghetti western soundtracks, progressive rock, psych, European folk, punk, REAL ethnic music, crazy homeless people singing, comedy/novelty, etc. Recently WRMI did a test transmission relay for the Nigerian Armed Forces Radio, which I listened to for news about the area. However, to my surprise, there was no news, just amazing Nigerian music! I recorded two of the broadcasts for posterity. I doubt I'll find and hear real homegrown stuff like that again, at least, not easily. James Mason would have loved it. :)

    Somehow I think I am sorrier to see International Radio Serbia (formerly Radio Yugoslavia) being shut down for good tomorrow than I would be to see WBAI shut down at this point.

    I got a QSL card this week from Serbia, which must be one of the last being mailed. Reminds me of the guys on the last few planes out of Stalingrad.


    1. I don't know if you still check in at Nalini's Wave, but the Siegel/Wilkerson/Cerene/paint-it-an-off-black faction is mighty quiet these days. None have commented on Nurse Rosenberg's diagnosis.

      I take it Yugoslavia did better with their shrotwave than they did with their infamous automobile. Serbo-African music does not die easily, however. :)

    2. I look at Nalini's list once every two weeks or so to remind me what psychotic children are like. There's just too much mail from to many nuts to wade through to waste what remains of my life on. Most of those people are just sick in the head. Let's be glad they have a asylum like that to waste their energy on rather than using time to affect political matters.

      I knew a woman once who worked for customer service at Yugo. She quit her job because she got "tired of lying" to complaining owners of the junk.


    3. A bit of levity is okay with me—I indulge in that myself, but I think the Nalini list has gone way over the line... it's the boy who cried wolf, because some really good people (with serious things to say) have blurred the line between reality and levity.

      I heard it said that the Yugo not only had been driven solely by a lttle old lady from Pasadena, but that she actually designed it, and didn't have a drivers license. :)

    4. Even more than a bit of levity and idiocy is fine with me. Hell, I define my sense of humor as a cross between Monty Python, Terry Southern, George Carlin and Marquis de Sade. However, most (not all) of the people on Nalini's list are simply out of touch with reality. They fight and insult each other without doing anything productive ALL day long. They fight over Pacifica as a piece of territory so they can blare their irrelevant, antiquarian political beliefs on barely any listeners. And the kicker is that they don't realize the more they fight, the more they drive listeners away. It just all gets very redundant very quickly.

      Notice the financial planner that Davis had on months ago hasn't been back? Maybe he was too intelligent and offered a helpful realistic premium? I still say he should have had his own show.

      I thought the Yugo was designed by a racist car company for sale to ex slaves to cause genocidal accidents. Oh, well. Car history isn't my strong point.

      And I have to soapbox on something. As you know, I am no Bob Fass fan, nor is he of me, but seeing he was replaced by an extendomercial last night while the ever useless Sargent, Dancy and Davis got to do their shows the previous nights is just wrong, in my opinion. At least Fass can still spend a few minutes talking about something of political and/or social relevance, in between announcing call letters and playing hootenanny music. It's just an unfair and unwarranted insult to the guy. Well, it's just how I feel.

      Anyway, I'm having fun tuning the LW and MW bands on the Twente sdr tonight. Amazing how state owned stations provide more musical variety and news than our privately owned corporate radio. And I am an ardent capitalist saying it's sad.