Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Voices from the ruins...

Morning Dew delusions
(Click on "Morning Dew" to play audio)


  1. honey who shrunk the listeners ? Maybe that will be the name of the documentary that will come out after
    bai goes off the air ... The answer to that question is , as we all know , shitty, repetitious, racist programming .
    or you could go with, Who killed the racist radio station ? Either one works ....

  2. Heard this same old script before. It must be laying there by the microphone for anyone to use as needed.


  3. "We're in pretty good shape"? "Turned the corner"?

    I can only imagine what they think "bad shape" would be...


    1. It never ceases to amaze me how naïve some of the WBAI people are. They are lied to so often that they have every reason not to believe what management says. Reimers' is able to mask much of the real situation by being secretive and manipulative. He gets away with a lot, because people want to keep their shows and time slots, and he is quick to shift the blame to, for example, hurricane Sandy, and a bad economy. Bad programs—which are plentiful—are never considered to be a factor in the drastically diminished listenership.

      This can not go on much longer—I wonder if the station will survive into 2016.