Friday, September 12, 2014

Someone is skirting reality: The ESB situation

In the past few days, an interesting exchange has been taking place on the PacificaRadiowaves list. Basically, it questions Mitchel Cohn's assertion that the two-months rent paid to and returned by the Empire State Building was not spent on something else, but rather that it was re-submitted and accepted. 

When asked to show proof of that, Mitchel claims that he asked Berthold Reimers directly and was given this answer, but we have heard stories like that before, and this one does not make any more sense than the earlier ones.

R. Paul Martin stepped into the exchange and offered the following:


  1. OK, let me get this right.

    1) The two checks are returned to the ESB and accepted, which means WBAI still owes any monthly rents due after those checks.

    2) WBAI is negotiating a rent cut with the ESB.

    3) WBAI is simultaneously negotiating moving the transmitter to another building.

    What I see is

    1) That the new building may have already dropped the idea of renting WBAI the room. Who in their right mind wants them, anyway?

    2) WBAI is playing ESB against the newer building in order to get the lowest rent out of one of them.

    3) Mitch Cohen has an active imagination and/or is gullible and /or hears what he wants to hear rather than what is really said.

    What's a "Capitol Campaign?" Is that like Operation Barbarosa? Or is it a march on Washinmgton, D.C.?

    Leave City College? That's cute. Where will they put their studios? In a closet?


    1. I think the "capitol" campaign reference indicates that Reimers has high hopes of Congress paying the bill—you know, just to give Obama a slap.

      "Negotiating" is Berthold Reimers' stalling word. As for leaving City College, I believe they are owed several months of the "affordable" monthly rent.

      I wonder when the sledgehammer comes into play.

      What a mess! It's what happens when you give positions of responsibility to people who don't know the meaning of the word.

  2. We have no way of knowing, and this is all madness of course, but if the ESB returned those two checks then those may be the only monies Reimers actually/formally considers to be owing for his reporting purposes– his rationale (besides being very tired and very busy and finding QuickBooks very challenging because you have to 'go back and match all these things'). Monies since then he may be considering to be being 'negotiated' as part of the 'planned move'.

    It's difficult, at least for me, to accurately parse slipperystoopid, which appears to be his stock in trade.

    ~ 'indigo'

  3. (JustAlistener)
    Looks like 'BAI owes everyone except for Reimers and friends, so everything is OK in his world.

  4. Let's see: The NYPD bans the chokehold. But it's not illegal.

    Maybe what we're hearing from Reimers, Cohen and Martin isn't so far-fetched after all.

    As for leaving City College: I have a bridge I can sell them. Real cheap. What's that? They still can't afford it? That's OK: There's plenty of space under it. The acoustics would be really good, too!

    1. Perhaps they'll move to the newly designed studio in Bob Fass' house. There might be an upstair room big enough to hold the office. As for the "thank you gifts," they might buy an old bus for Haskins to make the deliveries.

      Remember, they already used Haskins' kitchen as a studio, and there was a time when Bernard White suggested that the station move to his garage. Somehow, New York's Nomadic Radio will keep going—listeners, or not. :)