Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pacifica fatally Nullified...

The following was posted on the BlueBoard today. The poster is the same Steve who penned the post that started this segment. He is from the SF Bay area, and I think he nails a major problem that now characterizes Pacifica stations and is very much a part of the conflation to which we owe the impending obliteration of Lew Hill’s concept. Many of those who read this will be in denial—sadly, that is why the downward path has not had a u-turn, not even a fork in the road for decades.  —Chris [Albertson] 

Date: Sunday, 19 January 2014, at 1:52 pm
As Pacificans, we speak in accents familiar to our listeners... you see, it is far, far worse to allow people who nullify reason and science like "dr" Gary than it would be to have an add by (pick your most hated corporation here), say, Exxon (i like to use Exxon because of the pornographic "xx" in the middle of its name). the reason should be obvious, but I'll summarize: The corporations, whose money Pacifica, in all its viginal, Lew Hillian, monastic purity, refuses to accept are known entities. Their successes, their crimes, their achievements, their exploitations are known or at least knowable by the public at large. Profiles of them pointing out their evil are rampant, in every media format, for those who seek it out. Even those who don't seek it out are at least bathed somewhat in this info. Virtually everyone knows to look carefully at their claims, to view them and their motives with all the skepticism of "follow the money" and to look carefully for evil behind their products and their promises.
Not so with Null and the others like him who Pacifica not only showcases, but ceaselessly and relentlessly promotes. Not so with Null, to whose blood money (in the form of premiums) Pacifica is addicted. Must Pacifica answer to an evil corporation? Never. To Null? Always.

Did you know that Null is a corporation? Called Gary Null and Associates? What more evil corporation could their be than him. Did you know that he almost died as a result of consuming his own garbage supplements? Hate mainstream medicine all you want, but please, hate him too.:
From Wikipedia:
Supplement incident
Null owns Gary Null & Associates, a company that markets dietary supplements, as well as a health food store in New York City.[18] In 2010, Null claimed that he was sickened and nearly killed by his own dietary supplements.[3][4][5] On 27 April 2010, The New York Daily News reported that Null had filed a $10 million lawsuit against Triarco Industries in Manhattan Supreme Court, accusing the manufacturer of "botching" its work on "Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal" through inadequate manufacturing and safety testing, leading to the hospitalization of six consumers for severe kidney damage.[6] The suit alleges that the supplement contained 1,000 times the labelled dose of Vitamin D.[3] Null reportedly suffered severe pain and kidney damage from "Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal", but continued consuming the supplement in the belief that it would relieve his symptoms.[3]

The Los Angeles Times wrote that Null's experience "should give pause to anyone lured by the extravagant claims of many supplements makers", and said that it was common for dietary supplements to contain doses "wildly different than those indicated on their label" as a result of weak regulation.[5] Null's attorney said the alleged vitamin poisoning was an isolated incident, adding: "We don't want anything to affect the physical well-being of anyone or the reputation of the company."[4]
Null moves in on people with the slickness, smarminess and grace of a tv evangelist. From the quiet, I'm so mellow and healed voice that implies "you can be centered and serene like me, if only you'd follow me" to the selective quotation of garbage science, promotion of garbage guests etc. he insinuates himself into the minds of the sick, the worried, the hurt, the perplexed (i.e. all of us), those with symptoms that need to see a doctor, but are instead "mellow talked" into trying his cures instead, with obvious potential consequences in terms of delay of diagnosis and treatment, disability and death.

His message is all the more seductive because of the mellifluous, hypnotic voice he delivers his killer theories in. There are no breaks for ads (such as an ad for Exxon or pick your most hated corporation) during his presentations, making him seem all the more credible. Like a 75 year old pumping quarters into slot machines in Vegas, your listeners go "into the zone" while listening to him—and wind up health devastated instead of economically devastated.

Why honey , I heard him on Pacifica . . . He's on WBAI all the time . . .You know how evil mainstream medicine and big pharma is . . . Pacifica wouldn't have him if what he says isn't true . . .Why he sounds so credible, dear . . .his voice is so warm . . . i trust him because Pacifica/WBAI trusts him . ..Pacifica means peace, doesn't it honey? . . . . How could a corporation named Peace steer us wrong . . .i want to be just like him . . . he must be telling the truth . . . what harm would come by ordering his water and trying it . . .honey, cancel that appointment with Dr. Schwartz (MD) to evaluate my abdominal pain, Im trying Dr Null's herbs and water first and we'll see what happens. I can always get that persistent headache checked out later . . right honey?

An unchallenged, Pacifica-branded and approved, Null is thus tremendously more dirty, evil and toxic than an ad by an evil corporation, and all at Pacifica know this—that is why they feel guilty about being wedded to him because of the dirty green he gives the network. That is why Pacifica is beyond dirty. It is a whore for money, just like Exxon is. It's just that their john is named Gary.

And he is not alone on the Pacifica airwaves. Far from it. There are many more like him—errant herbalists, malignant mental health shysters, devilish "doctors" with credentials always in front of their names, never after. They proliferate like cancer throughout the network. Why? because they sell false hope, easy cures , you know the drill.

Pacifica has done much harm and continues to do it. For the crime of being a co-conspirator in the selling of false hope and false cures to the gullible, it deserves to be off the air. The blood and suffering of the sick and the gullible is on its hands for promoting this earworm called Null and his ilk.

People have a chance of understanding the push/pull, the good/evil of the corporations pacifica loves to hate and whose money they are oh so pure and unwilling to take. You don't want corporation money because it's dirty and bloody. What do you think is all over the money you get from Null—listener vomit, listener pain, listener pus.

Pacifica has exploited and hurt its listeners just as evil corporations have exploited workers with poor wages, unsafe conditions and the like. Pacifica has seduced its listeners and led them like sheep to the slaughter by these charlatans. And unlike the evil corporations, whose mixed record is well known, Pacifica has done so as a trojan horse into the minds of its ubergullible listeners.

Nothing Pacifica does could ever atone for this. 

With apologies to Cicero:
"A Pacifica listener can survive the fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive a treason emanating from within Pacifica. An enemy at the gates, such as Exxon, is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor such as Null and his copycats promoted by Pacifica move amongst those within the gate freely, his sly Null-like whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of Pacifica Governance itself. For the traitor like Null appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness, the sorrow, the hope for cure and healing, the desperation, that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a listenership, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of truth, he infects the body of the Pacifica listeners so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”   —Steve (not Brown)