Tuesday, January 28, 2014

February drive...will it survive the Summer?

This (sans vulture) was posted on WBAI's site today. As far as premiums go, it is a step in the right direction, akin to an approach many of us have been advocating since Bates and Kathy toasted each other with that notorious "special" water. The question is, how enlightened is the station's remnant audience? Will it bite before Summer comes and blows it all away, again, or have people really had it with these hypocrites?  We'll see—remember, these people are still living in a dream world, one that had Haskins refer to his "tens of thousands of listeners" on this morning's show for the few.


  1. yes - this does seem to be an improvement - and also the fund raising event being promoted (I think for the eve. of Feb. 15) seems really interesting and, judging from the description, should be mercifully free of screaming lunatics - but (and this is a big but) how many listeners are still around who will respond to this kind of approach, plus I still hear lots of Null and even worse nuttiness. For instance this last Monday the loosely wrapped Geoff Brady had on a guest who seemed to imply, (among other things), that the Weather Channel is part of a nefarious conspiracy to cover up the manipulation of the weather by some evil person or persons!

    1. I wonder if Hennelly will imbue this one with some kind of a labor union theme? I would love to ask him if union labor is used to build the infamous drones.

  2. Drones are, most likely, built with Union labor ;-). To think that in this day and age, you can have a labor contract, where you get double time after 8 hours, and if you take a day off, you still keep your overtime pay! A man gets an honest day's pay after an honest day's work! Everyone builds drones these days, ours are just bigger and better, that's because we have unions, and they don't! ;-))))))