Thursday, January 2, 2014

Katz's last meow?

She also posted the following New Year's message to the staff. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether she is a shameless liar or just very loosely wrapped.  —Chris

Hi Producers + Staff -

I hate "group" emails but I really wanted to review for you why YOU  
all were so important to WBAI and me in 2013.

You created shows that were interesting and important

You kept pitching and fund raising when we thought all was lost

You created events, attended events, and made our air eventful

You contributed by communicating kvetches, kindness, and compliments

You schlepped up that hill to CUNY or out of your way to Brooklyn

You weathered enormous changes like the seasoned pros that you are

I am grateful to work for you all and the station that you make WBAI,  
doing what you do every day, or every week, or some of you, one  
significant day a month!

Peace and prosperity to you and yours in 2014.

Kind regards,
Andrea Katz


  1. Oh Dear, a listener supported radio station is going commercial, but in the true progressive fashion, they are squeeze their listeners for revenue as opposed to getting paid by advertisers and non-profit foundations with deeper pockets. And also, it is as if, I can't track down the tune I heard on the radio and buy a CD off Amazon...

    ... I am speechless, the Left-Wing Radio has outdone the mainstream media in commercialism!

    1. I don't think they project beyond bottom line. Apart from the glaringly obvious infringement of stated principles, this idea is so full of administrative and logistical problems that only a super naïve mind can see it as a feasible solution. Notice that Katz indiscriminately heaps praise upon the programming that is in place and makes no suggestion of the need for improvement. That need is dire and essential to the success of any serious fundraising attempt. It can also be done without compromising the station's alleged principles. But,as I have repeatedly said, nothing done by these people at this late date can put WBAI together again.

  2. Currently I am in the south Florida, where there is nor NPR and no Pacifica on the airwaves. Only an Evangelical/Conservative hybrid that makes Rush Limbaugh look middle of the road. Wit very few exceptions, truly appalling conservative propagandists who push investment advice on the retired listener with a major dose of pull yourself by the bootstraps/be-a good-boy-and-become-a-handyman-to-the-wealthy line of BS for the Southern caller looking for information on getting a job. From irritating but sometimes astute Laura Ingram to the truly Goebbelsine Roy Masters, and as `i drove down the country lane, it occurred to me, we are in the Dark Ages of radio broadcasting, and BAI is merely following a downward trend.

  3. Regarding programing - today I tuned in about 1:30PM to hear an astrologer - you just can't make this stuff up! I listned for about 15 minutes, all I could take, but I guess some people actually like this stuff, likely an cohort that intersects with the quack medicine cohort and the conspiracy nuts. That said thought there is still some good stuff on BAI but, sadly, this seems to represent a diminishing portion of the programming.

    1. That would be the right time for Kathy Davis, whose brain (if it exists) is lighter than air. She is the one to whom we owe all we know about homeless angels. They are fond of gay couples, for example. There is just so-o-o- much to be learned from listening to WBAI! Kathy also was one of the enthusiastic pitchers of Double Helix Water, that miracle aqua that cured cancer and just about anything else. I can't imagine that she didn't take a sip or two, so it apparently does not grow a brain or inflict the blissful with intelligence. :)