Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Here we go again... HAPPY HELIX!

'Tis the holiday season, so a special treat is in store for Tom from the Bronx, and the few others who are left out there. As Haskins announced with glee this morning, and Reimers confirms, it's time once again for the WBAI insiders to raise the glass and wish each other a Happy Helix! Make that a double!

From what we gather, Berthold Reimers and the gang are going all out this month and doing a dip into the old scam-bam-thank-you-mam archive of golden oldies. Yes, they are bringing back those wonderful infomercials that you loved in the Wall Street days. Can you wait? I bet you can't...but you'll just have to put up with those wonderful regular programs until December 9. It's going to be well worth the wait....expect return performances by the great Scott, and Null will certainly be there with his heavenly shampoo and—now that he's been paid his money—more books and DVDs. I bet that we'll even hear Kathy Davis and her silent chorus of homeless angels—not to mention George Quant, if he can tear himself away from all those Hollywood celebrities. Hey, Christine Blosdale will most likely be flown in to sell gloom and doom antidotes, and I wouldn't put it past Papa Reimers to bring Tony Bates back for yet another encore.

All in all, a swell time, so set the table for Helix water (ever tried it with a dash of Brass Monkey?) and gobs of that green stuff. The W in WBAI doesn't officially stand for Walmart, but...

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  1. If you steal, embezzle, or otherwise misappropriate grant money from the CPB or the Ford foundation, you will be investigated, tried and put away as a white collar criminal, however, when you the listeners give you the money willingly, you can get away with their last pennies, hence the endless fundraising on BAI that' become the new normal for it.