Friday, August 2, 2013

Dumb it down, power it down...

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It makes sense—after all the abuse WBAI has suffered over the years, including serious brain damage, what else can they do. Of course, they are just as dumb and inept as they were before, so they will probably not make any changes. To destroy the new, low-powered WBAI, all they have to do is keep Reimers aboard, as Sidney suggests they might do. He will keep the schedule intact, Frank LeFever will keep promoting the mediocrity, and the bad WBAI should be good for another decade, or so. They will have everything back, except the audience.

It will be interesting to see what their next blunders are.

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  1. So an injection of cash to keep the quacks, mystics and conspiracy nuts going for another few years!

    1. On the BlueBoard, "Cannibal," a well-versed source, offers cogent reasons why he sees this rumor as just another dose of BS. The mere fact that the swap would be a very bad idea—and probably not even doable, as outlined—supports theories that it is an apocryphal scenario. At this point, it is difficult to find anyone (except brown-nosers and cronies like LeFever and Dingeman) who could imagine Berthold Reimers involved in anything that is even remotely practical or beneficial to WBAI.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. No doubt it could happen. The main person in control, Pacifica treasurer Tracy Rosenberg, who's perhaps the biggest reason why WBAI is such a mess, has wanted a job with Pacifica for eons. Money from a license sale would likely provide one for her.

    Check out the background at