Saturday, August 10, 2013

Attracting the wrong kind of attention

WBAI is finally getting the publicity it wanted, but it's not the right kind. Check out this article from Politics in the Zeros.

I also recommend to you Indigo Pirate's comment on the Reese Report.


  1. Please allow me to introduce myself.. my name is ReW & i am a songstress & hostess/producer of *ReW & WhO?* a web show based in NYC.
    The show highlights 'riZing starz & living legendz' & people of PaSsioN.
    One of my fans & supporters suggested i contact you with this
    "Someone that you know, [Me] has been a passionate listener to WBAI and noticed the station is making some changes so he contacted Rew because he knows Rew has her own entertainment production going on"
    He forwarded me your link and thought it was wonderful.

    I have been a fan of WBAI forever, as an artist and I must say it is always inspiring. I would LuV our show to have a place in your world.
    Please visit us as a guest one day soon.
    Thanks for your time and I look forward to your response.
    HaPPy rest of SuMMeR!!!

    1. Dear ReW,

      I have no present association with WBAI, although I once managed it—many moons ago. You are quite right, the station is in deep trouble, having suffered abuse and stagnated for several years, and there are finally some changes taking place. The man making the changes is Mr. Andrew Phillips, so I have forwarded your request to him.

      I wish you luck in your endeavor