Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A voice from WBAI's past is stilled

I imagine that few here will associate Marian McPartland with WBAI, but this is where she started what became a long and illustrious radio career. She was already known throughout the world as an extraordinary pianist, but radio gave her talent a new dimension. When I suggested to her that she do a weekly show, Marian replied, "I don't think I would be very good at it."

Marian passed away in her sleep just before midnight last night—at her home in Port Washington, Long Island. She was, I am told, surrounded by people with whom she shared love.

I don't know if any of Marian's WBAI tapes have survived, but she left a wealth of recordings, and even some of her later radio shows (NPR) were released on CDs. I hope someone at WBAI produces a fitting tribute to yet another significant voice from its early years. 

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