Friday, July 12, 2013

Uncle Sidney tells it like it is...

Sidney Smith posted the above words on the BlueBoard following a rash of suggestions from people who want to see WBAI survive, and those who want to see their own stagnant job remain in place. Sidney's original post was accompanied by this clip of Bogart's memorable "Caine Mutiny" breakdown.

Here is a comment from a BB poster who uses the handle, IndigoPirate, and has consistently addressed WBAI's problems with refreshing independence and the kind of insight that, ironically, often is a reward for detachment:

Superb choice on the vid, dude :) !
I agree, absolutely – unless you have a truly clean sweep it's pointless: Management at all levels, programming, the works, quite possibly including severing WBAI from Pacifica altogether.

These things are risky, desperate, and will be ugly in any of a number of ways – but without them... nothing changes, really, until final absolute failure and death, accompanied by the sale of the frequency to Clear Channel or a comparable interest.  

I, with the luxury of distance, suggest you sharpen your knives, steel your hearts, and get serious. IndigoPirate


  1. I'm glad he's gone. Heard him this morning having a tantrum. The most stupid and boring show and boring as hell! Creepy, too because it wasn't a children's show and wasn't an adult show either. 'Uncle Sidney' my a--.

    1. I just listened to Sidney Smith's show, prompted by your comment to do so. Frankly, I did not hear anything that might be interpreted as a "tantrum." Sidney has a great sense of humor and a—for WBAI, uncharacteristic—tendency to be honest about himself as well as the station. Granted, truth can be deadly boring, but when it evolves around WBAI and its inner functions or dysfunctions, it is inherently captivating. It may disillusion or shock, but it cannot ever bore.

      I don't know why you expected to hear a "children's show" at five in the morning—this was a Sidney Smith show, he has his own brand, and it is very much in keeping with the Pacifica founders' original intent. Sidney is not "gone," I predict that he will be somewhere on WBAI's air for as long as he feels up to it—if all goes well, there should soon be plenty of vacant time slots for him to enhance.