Friday, July 26, 2013

From the infamous Blue Board...

As the Board Bozos meet to come up with a 2 - 3-year plan for WBAI's future...

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I don't know how many former listeners have contacted the Pacifica Board, but I am told that several have complained to the CPB. The outrage is mounting and I know of at least one major media outlet that is preparing a story. Reimers and the LSB cannot say that they didn't see this coming, so they are but reaping what they themselves have sown. If Pacifica had listened, I think they could have dumped this management and turned the station around. At this point, I see no hope for that occurring.


  1. Oh NO!

    I'm Outed!

    Now I'll be FIRED!

    ...yuk yuk yuk!

  2. Thanks for your blog, Chris.
    And thank you for posting my laments.
    I tell myself to let my anger go, let it just pass through me; but it's an outrage that at a time when we all desperately need a WBAI, that it has fallen into the hands of charlatans and criminals.