Thursday, July 25, 2013

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  1. She is so annoying to listen to, like nails on a blackboard. I turn the dial when she is on.

  2. I will order it on Amazon thanks, love Bob Fass.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Yes, this imported hustler is very annoying and she seems to have not a smidgeon of sincerity. I suppose that's why they are spending money to fly her in from California, put her up in a hotel, and (probably) pay her KPFK salary for the time she spends away from that station.

  3. I am a long time fan, and a friend, of Bob Fass. I also consider the film makers of RADIO UNNAMEABLE, Paul Lovelace and Jessica Wolfson, my friends.

    Chris's comments are spot on.

    I have seen RADIO UNNAMEABLE four times and will obtain the DVD when it's released; but I will not obtain it from the station now masquerading as WBAI.

    Summer Reese promised Bob she would arrange to have the station pay his expenses, but GM Reimers has refused to comply with Ms. Reese's wishes. Bob gets nothing from the station. Not even money to pay for tolls or fuel.

    On the other hand, Esther Armah gets about $600/week for about 8 hours of "work" as does Hugh Hamilton. Berthold reportedly earns about $100,000 annually. I don't know how much Kathy Davis or Robert Knight earn, but has either of them contributed to the station a fraction of what Bob has contributed?

    Don't buy the DVD RADIO UNNAMEABLE from WBAI. Don't send the bastards any money for anything.
    Buy it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble or from Lost Footage--it's a great film. See it in a theater if you can with as many other members of The CABAL as possible

    People like R. Paul Martin and Dr. Frank LeFevre and Janet Coleman--all of whom I respect, shout that we can't let the station die. I have news, good brothers and sisters, the station has been dead for some time now.

    The Pacifica Maven