Friday, June 7, 2013

Spotting the crocodile tears...

The following letter was submitted by two friends of Ibrahim González, who knew him well for many years, both at WBAI and in the real world. The hypocritical expressions of grief that are laced into genuine feelings on the WBAI site's tribute were to be expected, but nevertheless need clarification. CA

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  1. This is a lot more complicated than @ first glance. Many people @ WBAI did not trust Ibrahim. Ibrahim was a close personal friend of Mario Murillo, a vile human being who sexually harrassed men and women @ WBAI. How ironic Ibrahim would go after sexual harassers - he needed to go after Mario Murillo!! Ibrahim needed to know he would NEVER get ANY position @ WBAI - he should have left the station years ago!!!

    Eye on BAI